Connecting my Virus TI to Windows, FL Studio 12

  • Hello friends,

    I know this is a newbie question, but I already fail when I want to connect my Virus TI desktop to my Windows 7 PC.

    System: Windows 7, Scarlett 2i2 audiointerface, FL Studio 12

    What I did so far: I installed the control center and connected the Virus when the message was displayed on my screen. I plugged the midi USb cable from the Virus into my PC (motherboard USB) and the normal power supply to run the Virus. I can switch the Virus on as always (I used it standalone with a midi keyboard so far). In FL Studio I can also see my new installed Virus TI Snow and Virus TI as VSTs. When I try to open them, I get the message that this FL Studio version does not support delay compensated individual outs anymore. I have to select Stereo instead. (picture 1) Well, after selecting stereo, a new message pops up saying that I have to change my sample value. I use the Focusrite audiointerface where I can not select the detailed number 128 for example, so I simply can not choose 128 sample without not using the audiotinterface anymore and switching to my normal ASIO settings. After that I have a error Virus GUI...

    Do I have to plug more cables from my Virus directly into my audiointerface? What did I do wrong or what do I have to select?

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi Derrek,

    I hope I will be of assistance, as I am using a very similar system to yours. FL 12, Virus TI2, Windows 8.1 and a saffire pro 24 dsp soundcard.

    Try this:

    On your FL go to options - audio settings and set the buffer length as one of the suggested values as per your pictures. This should eliminate error no.2. I think that scarllet interface does not have a dedicated mix software. Personally I usually use 256 unless if I want to record something by playing the keyboard.

    Then load the Virus control as you would with any other vst. You will always get the "error" as per picture no.1. There you have to press cancel. That message is not valid for FL 12 as pre delay compensation IS automatically adjusted in FL12. It seems that Access might need to adjust that pop up message when Virus Control is loaded on FL 12. When the virus control is loaded, make sure you route it on an empty channel, the rest will be done on its own. Try a simple 4/4 beat to make sure it syncs. Let me know if it works!


  • Hey man,

    thank you for your answer!

    I used another USB slot not and it works now.

    I can not select 256 samples, as Focusrite interfaces work with ms. So I can only select 6ms, which equals 265 samples at 44.100kHz. So I think I have to live with that error...

    For me the Virus Control 64bit works!

  • Hi Derek,

    Try to change the buffer size from FL internally (options, audio settings) and set it to 64, 128, 256 or 512. If the soundcard does not support these values (which I don't think it doesn't) then you should consider using alternative audio drivers (for instance FLAsio or Asio)

    Are you OK with the 64bit version? Did you manage to sync it with the FL clock?

    Regarding your USB slot make sure you dedicate a whole line of usb slots just for the virus. If you have a pci card with usbs with lets say 3 usb inputs, use only one and only for the virus (when the virus is active). If you have a desktop pc and can add a pci card i strongly suggest you do so.

    Hope this helps.


  • On your first photo you need to select "cancle" to maintain the 6 channel USB sound support.
    If you take "use stereo" only one stereo channel is used.
    Buffer size is already talked about, use what virus needs 128 or 256 or ....and so on.
    The last picture shows that virus control has lost connection to the virus. can happen, but not often.
    pull out the USB plug and wait 3 seconds und plug it in again and virus control will find the virus again.
    If not remove the 230V plug of the virus to take all power from it to force it to boot again.

  • Marc,

    how can the mode be changed after I made the choice for the Stereo version without reinstalling the TI drivers? Is there a specific dll which can be copied or renamed? Or is it even simpler?

  • It's a registry value to be changed, someone pointed it out in a very old thread. But as Marc suggested, sadly FL can not deal with PDC correctly (and they decided the end user can't do it manually) and so even using the multi out interface it will mess up the timing for every track.