using all analog outputs of the Virus TI without Virus Control plugin

  • Hi,

    I would like to use all the Analog Outputs of my Virus TI (that are currently hooked up on my audio interface).
    My aim is to have 2 mono and 2 stereo outputs from the Virus.

    In my DAW I have created four different tracks (using Virus as external instrument on each one of them) and have assigned different audio and midi inputs to them.

    However, I only get output from the first analog output of the Virus no matter which track is selected in the DAW.
    It seems by default that the Virus only outputs on the first analog out.
    I know that I can change that using the Virus Control plugin, but when I have the Virus Control the MIDI information of the knobs is not being sent at all.
    Therefore I do not wish to have the Virus Control enabled in my project. I just need to route different channels of the Virus into different analog outputs.
    How can I accomplish that without the VC?


  • thank you very much for the answer bored, it worked!

    One more question if you may.
    I am know wondering if I can group some of those channels together in terms of MIDI.

    My aim is to create 4 (2 mono and 2 stereo) multi layer synths using the 16 channels of the Virus TI.
    But this means that apart from grouping them audio-wise, I would also need to group them midi-wise so I can work effectively with them.

    So, is there any way I can have the, let's say, the "filter1 cut-off" of the first 4 channels all triggered at the same time by just turning the cut-off knob of channel 1?

    If that is possible it would be really helpful

    thanks again

  • I have a similar question , I'm using the Virus Ti (1) and have all analog outs plugged into my multi sound card(s) what I would like to do is be able to say have all six outs in mono so that I can have six individual parts being triggered by six separate midi patterns in my daw , (Logic Pro X, Ableton 9.5) so that I can then launch said midi patterns as part of a live set and tweak each part individually on the hardware as and when they are needed to keep the performance as live as possible . I am using a midi motu express 128 to manage the midi for my external instruments , as I want to cut down on the amount of usb inputs being used (pressure on motherboard) on my MBP , and in essence also cut down on the cpu usage which will hopefully give me more freedom in a live scenario , is this possible? ,my problem would seem to be that when I have the virus in multi mode and attempt to change each parts output , the virus seems to want to change each part in the multi set to that same output across the board instead of being able to have individual control over each one it changes them all , am I missing something? I'm guessing that it's something really basic and a total doh moment but if you don't ask you'll never find the answer. anyone out there that could shed a little light on this would certainly be a life saver .

    thank you in advance for any help.

    big love. L