Virus Sound Issue

  • Please Help !!! I'm having issues pretty much every time i turn the virus ti2 on now, it used to happen every now and then but now it's literally play a few notes then Bang the sound goes all distorted, pitched up and high passed, it's so frustrating and it's killing my production and vibe big time ?(:cursing:

  • Every time I use the Virus Ti 2 it starts charging pitch. I haven't used it for months because of this issue. I installed the latest OS but I still have the same issue. The only time that it works properly is if I use it without Virus Control. I use it on Logic X.

  • Me too i am sick of it this thing has only been used a handful of times, it never moves, in my home studio, changes pitch or octave on it's own it is crap not fit for purpose i spent £1600 on this and it is a pile of junk, all this carry on about using hub's etc gets on my nerves, it should work on it's own with a usb cable and it still does not work with a hub. it is a flawed OS and Access should be refunding us all they are getting away with it maybe we could bring mass action against them, as i for one would do it paying good hard earned money for junk that does not do what i paid for.