Problem with RAM patches

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    In my RAM section , a lot of patches are unique . They are not copy of some ROM patches . Understand ? i mean , the notice of Virus ti2 say the RAM patches are ALL copies of ROM patches , so you can erase them and save other sounds without loosing the original RAM patche like it should be the same that some other in the ROM section .

    In my RAM section i have lot of patches not present in the ROM , so if i save on the top of those RAM patches i will loose the sound forever .

    i dont use so much the VST and personal libraries so i realy need to save my new patches in the RAM without fearing to loose anything .

    Is that normal ? Why lots of those RAM sounds are not present in my ROM section ?

    I bought the virus ti2 in november 2015

    thanks for answer and help


  • Thanks for answer .

    No , i bought it new in november 2015 . . .

    Am i the only one here having some patches in my RAM that didnt figure in my ROM ??? seriously ? so strange ....

    For exemple one of the first patche of RAM A is named : trib@lgruv , inexistant in all my ROM patches .......

    Possibly Access updated the patches recently ?

    someone in same situation than me ?

    Yes i can save my RAM A in my empty ROM slots , BUT , i like to use those empty rom to add new sounds i downloaded online , not to make a copy of my RAM .

    A big part of my RAM patches are present in the ROM section , but an other part is not .

    Thank you Access to make me loose my time for nothing really thank you .

    If the notice say : RAM patches are copies of ROM , it should be as its writted . I paid 1700 euros that synth just to say , so if at least the notice could be correct ?

    Thats not cool ...............

  • This thread is a little outdated but it got me to investigate and I found 21 patches to be exact in RAM that are not in ROM though the manual does indeed state that all RAM is duplicates.
    However, none of them are anything outstanding if you happen to accidently overwrite one, but that is just my opinion.
    Carry on!