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  • +1 for me also

    Just bough a TI2, but in Cubase 11, the GUI is very small and unusable.

    This is particularly disappointing because Virus Control is to be my main way of using the TI.

    Although I found a make gui resizeable option in Cubase, this doesn't display correctly. You have to keep opening/closing the plugin to refresh the display areas.

    My only option is to turn off HiDPI in Cubase (which is a major step backwards), or put up with having to continually open/close the plugin.

    Lenovo t540p, Intel Core i5 4210M @ 2.60GHz, 16GB DDR3, Graphics 2880x1620, Audient iD4, Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2, Cubase 11.0

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  • I know that CK's attention has been turned to the Kemper Profiler over the last decade, but I understand that the TI/TI2 DSP chips are ending production very soon, which would mean no more TI2 produced, or something has to happen.

    It would be a shame to see the whole iconic Virus line disappear into the history books. I don't know if the rise of soft synths makes high-end hardware an unviable proposition in the long term future, but other manufacturers seem to still carry on.

    Lenovo t540p, Intel Core i5 4210M @ 2.60GHz, 16GB DDR3, Graphics 2880x1620, Audient iD4, Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2, Cubase 11.0

  • cs759 look into the Mystery Islands/Aura Plug-ins Virus Hardware Editor. It supports the latest operating systems, and seems (based on what others in this forum are saying) quite reliable.

    I have used it as a patch librarian, but don’t link it to my DAW, as I use a hardware sequencer, hence I’m telling you what others are saying about it’s usefulness as a “TI” solution in place of Access’ own software.

    It’s maddening that Access has abandoned its user community and the product they still sell, but at least a third party is apparently successfully offering a credible alternative.

  • Any update on this ? On 4k Monitor the window is so small you can hardly see anything. To set down the resolution in windows is not a good option for my eyes.

    You are in good company -- all users of Viri or Viruses (?) are longing for an update.

    Funny as it is, it is not so much the OS, it is what makes the OS of a Virus work - a good user interface - as Plugin and !Standalone! ...

    But Kemper rather sells their - quite good - amplifiers rather than polishing a good product. Nobody is complaining about the synth as it is close to perfect for a virtual analogue synth - except of.......

  • Sooo… lol
    We need a new version of the TI GUI… I’m here only to make the post accessible again… as someone which defends this synth to the extreme, I feel a bit down that they have completely abandoned it.

    The Virus is still my main go to synth, is my GAS cure and works perfect on Windows 10, but, it is true that the GUI of the plug-in is too small.

    Come on guys!! Make your loyal clients happy after all this time!!

  • They really need to realize this! And its not just the GUI that bothers me. It’s also the latency issues and the crashes that annoy me. I

    t’s such an amazing piece of hardware. They should roll out an update for sure. It would be such a good move because literally the only downside with this synth is that it’s not being supported anymore.

    Please Access this is all we ask for.

  • Please Access this is all we ask for.

    Nothing else to say.

    I was hoping, that Access will finally understand, that they produced a milestone in synth technics. It has features for a long time, which are becoming a standard for current synths on the market.

    To foster this position - an update of the the software (this includes a stand-alone application) would be amazing.

  • Hi,

    Sorry to revive old thread but I wanted to ask fellow users about their opinion.

    I am in the process of building my own stand alone patch editor / librarian for the Virus TI.
    All controls shown on pictures below are already working. All communication with the virus is done

    via MIDI (either USB or oldschool midi) and the editor is standalone, does not require ANY DAW and anything at all
    except MIDI connection.

    The UI is high-DPI compatible (scalable), screenshots come from 4K screen.

    Question: Would anyone of you be interested in using such patch editor / librarian if it was released as not expensive shareware?

    The editor is a part of my bigger project, that essentially would be "super virus", i.e. bringing what Virus TI offers to the next level.




    (Page 1 : sound generation settings)


    (Page 2: modulation matrix)


    (Page 3: effects)

    (Page 4: arpeggiator)


  • Extra!
    Yes, taker!
    Here is an idea of changed architecture (clipboard - 10):
    I would like to see some additions, if possible( Pico matrices): Additional matrix, to add “SLOTS” thanks to CC and SysEx…

  • I'm interested; where do I sign?

  • Looking forward to this :)