How to do edit patches without editing them

  • Hi,
    So I have been using Logic since 9 and I continue to in LPX... but most of my studio work is now done in Pro Tools 12.x. As there is no integration software for port tools 12 or higher, I need to use my TI2 as hardware and get sound from the jacks and midi through the midi ports. I'm wondering, however, what suggestions any other TI users have with respect to me loading a patch, editing it and then being able to both save the edit (without it affecting the original patch, so I can use it again as my base sound to edit) and still leaving the original patch untouched- I believe thats what the TI software does in LPX... is the method me simply saving the edited patch to a new bank, or is there a slicker methodology? I'm not terribly good with MIDI which is why I'm asking a potentially noob question...

    Really appreciate any direction and thanks for your time and consideration!


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  • I just downloaded and installed it today, so no real experience but.... maybe Ctrlr and the Virus TI panel would work.

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  • Sequencer mode (pressing both single and multi buttons together) would be good for this. Edit patches, then sysex dump an arrangement, either into a sequencer or a separate file to be saved with the project.