Virus TI2 arpeggiator failure

  • Hello,
    I want my Virus TI2 to play back 3 different patches on 3 different MIDI tracks. All patches use arp pre-programmed .
    When I record MIDI track 1 and track 2 everything is played back OK.
    Adding 3rd patch on track 3 with arp causes strange behaviour to arp on track 1. The patch on track 1 losses pre-programmed pattern and plays something like half the pattern.
    What is the problem? My Virus TI2 can not play 3 patches with arp due to inner limitations or am I doing something wrong?
    I can not say if this is a Logic Pro X 10.3 issue because I am not using any other DAW. I use my Virus TI2 in multi mode via MIDI (not USB).

    And.. another story...
    I had to switch "send arp notes" off on multi channel 1 in my Virus TI2 because after pressing a key on a keyboard controller (SY99) there was a buzz sound coming from Virus.
    Looks like I can not record MIDI arp pattern to DAW without spending hours on finding what is wrong with my setup (Virus->UX256 midi interface->Logic Pro X 10.3).
    Any help will be appreciated.

  • playback: Sounds like a sync issue between the DAW and the Virus. Try starting your DAW at least 2 bars before the arps should start. And if the arps are out of sequence, wait at least 10 seconds before you start again.

    @SendArpNotesOff: You probably created a MIDI loop where a note was sent to the Virus, which triggered the arpeggiator, which sent out MIDI notes, of which every note again triggered the arpeggiator and sent out MIDI notes, and so on. That way, you could have flooded your system with MIDI notes and maxxed overloaded the CPUs of the Virus.

    Question: Why are you using the Virus arpeggiator if you are playing it from a DAW instead of programming (or recording) the notes into your daw and then playing the same sounds without the arpeggiator? That way you wouldn't have those arpeggiator related timing or resource problems with your Virus.

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