Virus TI Desktop Static Input Issue

  • Hello, I have the Access Virus TI desktop. I am using it through USB mode with ableton. I was inputing audio into the virus for it's effects section earlier in the day and later opened up the project again however the input audio function began malfunctioning. There is constant noise being emitted by the input section without any audio playing. Using the outputs of the virus and playing patches is working perfectly. But the input section is malfunctioning now. How do i fix this? I've tried restarting the virus multiple times and unplugging the cables.

  • why do you think so?

    as for the noise, make sure that input boost is down to zero.

    Hi Marc,

    Not sure if the original post having the same issue but in my case I was getting strong buzz noise (monitoring trough daw inputs), lowering the gain sensitivity input didn't help and the Boost is set to off.

    I just performed hardware reset and no change, this noise is just happen when using core audio as the input driver on my end, in fact I only recently discover this issue, normally I use external audio interface and never really used the virus ti as a sound card.
    Maybe uninstalling driver would help?

    Audio file with buzz noise:…6/#RX_9uOKurDPSGUl4nPxNOA
    * When passing the audio signal using the virus input thru it's sounds fine.


  • I am also having this static noise emitting on my new Mac via Ableton 9. Never had this issue before. I did just update the Virus TI Polar today, and this is the first run using Ableton on my new computer.