Very strange thing going on Virus TI Polar

  • Right guys so this is going on.
    While using Ableton Live 10 I’m not able to route output 2 and 3 anymore.
    I can set all the regular routings as it should be, but it’s impossible to get the virus to spit out the audio through the audio channels in Ableton.
    Channel 1 the VST channel works as it should without any problem, and then when I add a separate Midi and audio track with the midi to Virus TI midi 2 and an audio channel with input from Virus to master and with all the settings correct in the TI plugin still nothing happens.

    Double checked in 3 other daws and no problem at all.

    Anybody have a clue ?

  • No idea, but if it works with a recent Cubase, then I'd assume it is a problem with Ableton's VST host implementation. I'd report a bug for Live.

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  • Sorry to hear , Strange , Bug tho ? Thing is as a Ableton 10 user i have no issues routing the 3 outs to separate midi and audio tracks in the way you mentioned ..

    I use One for kick and bass , one for leads and fx with sidechaining/gating , the other for percussion...

    If it was me I would reinstall , clean up register with cc cleaner , soz can’t help further

    Stupid question maybe but have you click on the ‘monitor in’ button on the designated audio channel so that you can hear it