TI2 output options with a hardware or iOS sequencer

  • I would like to sequence my TI2 desktop but not use Total Control for some workflows. I also want to use all three analog stereo output pairs. Let's say i want to use digitakt, modstep or Xequencer to sequence three or more parts. I understand how to do this. Put the TI in SEQ mode and load up patches into the parts from 1 to N. Then have the digitakt or iOS sequencer send on those channels to a DIN cable connected to the TI2 on the correct MIDI channel. That part is easy to understand and works great.

    The part I'm not getting is achieving 3 stereo outs. I want to route the six mono / three stereo outs of the TI2 to a mixer so I can integrate with my AR mkii. I can only get a maximum of two stereo outs.

    I can get three stereo outs in Ableton using total control; I can easily map the audio for a part to any of the analog outs in the common section. However when I am away from my DAW and menu dive into the desktop using the edit button I do not see an equivalent section. I see the 'surround' section so I played with that. I can change the output to 1LR, 2LR, 3LR and any of the mono channels as well. I soon figured out that I could change balance from -64 to +63. The result would be that if I turn it to +63 I can send all the audio to the selected stereo channel. Great! Assume I sent to 3LR

    Of course I store the patch thinking this would stick to the part or the patch. If this works analogously to the total control this setting should be saved for the part not the patch but I store anyway.

    When I go to the next part and wanted to send to 2LR and turn balane to +63 this would appear to work but when I went back to the previous part, that part was now sending audio to 2LR and the value I had earlier made 3LR is now 2LR. In both cases the balance was remembered. I had hoped I was saving the output setting per part because the balance was being remembered however whenever I changed it it stuck for all the parts.

    In the end I can send audio to a maximum of two stereo channels. I can always send the audio of a part to 1/2 by making the balance -64 even when the output is set to anything other than 1/2. I can always send to one of the other stereo channels by setting balance to +63.

    Is this expected behavior? Am I missing a something?


  • I’d suggest you use the MULTI mode instead of SEQ. There you can save your settings to one of 128 Multi-Presets (1-16 also store the patch data, see manual). Press SHIFT+EDIT To edit the Part parameters. You should be able to set the channel, note range, volume, balance and output for each Part there.

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  • @oliAtBass

    Thanks for that tip. I was able to do what you said in multi mode. The funny thing is that when you use Virus Control it sets the virus to SEQ mode and also is able to save the outputs per part. That is not available when you in pure SEQ mode without Virus Control.

    One of the reasons I wanted this option was if I wanted to sequence from iPAD (Rozeta suite, MODSTEP etc..) or hardware sequencer (someday, Digitakt or Oktatrakt Mk Next, SQUARP)

    Another reason was because of issues I have with timing problems in certain scenarios. I'm going write a separate topic on this but in short:

    • Virus Control mixing in Ableton using USB outs (works perfectly)
    • VST and devices hosted in Ableton (Up to this point in the set up this works flawlessly on my Clarett 4Pre)
    • Analog Rytm Mkii (no overbridge) with either USB MIDI or DIN MIDI with Note receive, Note send, Transport Rcv, Clock Rcv, program change etc... (This is where timing breaks down badly)


    • Virus sequenced with Virus Control from ableton and my casio sequenced from ableton and NO AR - was perfect timing
    • AR running patterns and receiving sequenced program changes from ableton and with NO Virus Control and my casio sequenced from Ableton - was perfect timing.
    • Combine Virus Control and AR (with our without Casio and all hell breaks loose with AR delayed a 16th note whether it is a pattern playing or my fingers drumming on the AR. TI Stays in time with the metronome.
    • if I don't monitor AR in Ableton and unmute the mixer channels in my 4Pre to hear what's going on, once again the timing is perfect!!!. This is not a solution because I have no effective way to mix/eq/compress/process the AR channels. My potential solution here is to buy an audio interface/mixer like the SoundCraft MTK 12 (or 22 if I find a place for it in my studio).
    • When I switch Virus TI to multi-mode as you suggested and monitor the ins in Ableton sending MIDI (without Virus USB present or Virus Control in the project) and keeping AR settings the same it also works perfectly. This could work but I really want to leverage the Virus Control sound design workflow.

    The common thread is AR + Virus Control monitored is a problem. I hope i can find some solution without going to multi-mode or buying a mixer.

  • I am currently using the Toraiz SP 16. I love it, It works as a great tr style sequencer and very tactile. You can also send controller commands (CC)to the virus TI 2 I am parameter lock those controller commands

    Hi. Did you find the solution. I want to sequence my Virus Ti2 Desktop from my Akai Force and send audio to my hardware mixer.

  • I have a new Squarp Hapax arriving soon and want to sequence multiple parts from the Virus TI2 without using a computer or the TI software. Like load drum patches to parts 1-6 on the virus and leads pads on parts 7-12 and create sequences for each on the Hapax. I’m new to the Virus world as mine just came the other day and based on how painful doing this in the DAW with the TI software, I want to avoid using the computer. Output will be sent to a Zoom mixer recorder.

  • Sacguy71 I use my Hapax to sequence my Virus TI2 Desktop.

    Both are connected to an iConnectivity MioXM. The Hapax connects via the USB “device” port while the Virus goes through an iConnectivity Mio.

    If your configuration is simpler, you could simply connect directly via MIDI DIN or USB. That said, Virus’ USB isn’t class compliant, which is why I use the Mio. It eliminates the problem completely. In my experience, I have fewer problems with older hardware designs when I interface via DIN MIDI. Why not just connect via DIN MIDI and see if you have issues? I suspect you’ll have problem with transmission speed unless you’re sequencing a large number of complex tracks.

    I create a “multi” for each project, and the Hapax controls each patch directly. I’ve even had Hapax send program change messages to select the multi.

    It’s a great pairing. I find it supports my creativity. Both are incredible, best-in-class pieces of gear.

  • So would the Yamaha usb to MIDI device work with the Hapax and the Virus? I have a Yamaha USB to MIDI audio device on the way to use with my ipad app for Virus control as an option to manage and change presets and Virus settings without a computer that a brilliant developer created.

  • Hi. Did you find the solution. I want to sequence my Virus Ti2 Desktop from my Akai Force and send audio to my hardware mixer.


    Lately I've found this solution, which I have yet to test:

    When you are in SEQ MODE: press Edit, scroll to the output setting via the arrows > parameters, and set output to "off".

    Press exit then press Shift + Edit (aka multi edit), there the same: scroll to output, then set them as you wish for the PART of your choice.

    Hope it helps.

  • Awesome! I’ll try this weekend as I spent a lot of time getting new patches loaded into the empty ROM banks which was more of a pain than expected.

    Hi there, do you mind detailing how you were able to save patches into your ROM banks in 2023? I have been attempting to do so on a M1 Mac, but no such luck. I can use Aura Virus Editor to load the patches temporarily, but other than overwriting my RAM banks, I haven't figured out to save them into the desktop hardware itself for use later in live performance situations, without a computer attached. Thank you!

  • yes, I had to use another computer with either windows 10 or Mac OS X El Capitan and the virus control software to load patches into rom on the virus hardware. It’s a pain but the only way that I have been able to do this. I can load them into the ram banks on temporary basis with the aura mystery islands software.