Its been over a year since I purchased a Virus Ti Polar

  • The Virus Ti Polar is an amazing Instrument. I purchased The Synth On March 10th 2008. I never heard or seen this synth until i found a Youtube Video channel demo of a talented Keyboard player Called the KeyboardWiz. back in 2007. I was blown away by the shear complex sounds patches from the Polar. Amazing Design and Very attractive Synth to look at. I play this thing everyday in my studio. It keeps my creative juices flowing. Thanks Access for making such an Amazing Synth. I hope to post more here on the forum. I also Hope I learing a little something to in the Process.

  • Thanks Much! Glad to be here with all of ya Access Virus Fans. I'll curtainly be able to find some exellent help when i need it. I'll also do my part an share my thoughts and wisdom to help other Virus users in this friendly helpful place called The Access Music User forum. Peace!