Hardware knobs strange behaviour

  • Hello,

    Since some months now all the knobs of my TI2 keyboard are behaving strangely:
    If I want to change a value I have to turn the knob completly counter clockwise (and sometimes clockwise again !) before it reacts ???
    Example: i'm on value 64 and want to put it to 70, I first have to go to 0 and then back to 70, otherwise no change is applied
    Did someone encounter the same problem ?
    Where can it come from :?:
    Thanks a lot

  • Quote from Virus TI Reference, page 130

    Global Soft Knob settings


    Determines when and how parameters react to knob movements. Required because the position of knobs seldom reflects the stored values after changing to another program. The Snap and Rel modes are useful for preventing sudden changes in the sound, especially during live performance.

    Off Knobs have no effect whatsoever.
    Jump The value jumps immediately to reflect the new knob position.
    Snap The value is not affected until the original is reached by turning the knob.
    Rel The value immediately changes in the direction of knob movement (without jumping), but limits may not be reachable directly – knob positions only reflect values after the original (stored) value has been reached.

    Probably this was setting changed to Snap.

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