Virus TI Polar with the Plugin and Ableton Live 10- is it a bug on which side?

  • Hi everybody,

    i am having trouble such a log time but I will shortly describe what it is about.

    If I run the Virus TI without open the plugin window I can record any of the changed CC's via the plugin window or the hardware synth as long as I like. But:

    if I have opened ones the plugin-window the Mac only records quite a while the incomming CC's and will ignore them after a few chosen parameters or seconds.

    It is not quite clear for me if it is a bug inside the Ableton Live Software ore the Access Plugin, i rather communicate with Ableton but they cannot clear the issue.

    So my question is, has anybody an Idea what the cause is?

    I just installed Live 10 on a mac book pro with the access plugin without any other plugins but the problem is the same.

    I would be very glad is you have an idea how to solve that problem, because I like to use the plugin Window a lot, but that in that case this is no workaround.

    Thank you for any advise.

    regards Martin

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