Midi Quest/Touch for Virus/Mystery islands VirusHC on Mac- whats best to use?

  • I'm trying all of the above, running a Virus Ti Kb in Logic with mac with catalina

    Happy to go with midi (in theory)

    First i tried Mystery islands Virus HC, bit of a pain to setup but have got it working to an extent.

    Whats not working-Changing a patch on the VirusHC plugin doesnt change the patch on the synth. The virus HC is working with knob tweaks to and from the virus...

    Mystery island help is absolutley rubbish...dont get a reply after 3 weeks of submitting a ticket and now at a dead end.

    Touch for virus..an ipad app controller. Got pissed off with the MI plug so went bought an ipad, Roland Um one midi etc downloaded touch for virus...same issue, doesnt seem to access or change patches with the virus. yes the knob tweaks work to and from the app...but again same issue...as above.

    Just downloaded Midi quest demo, ive got a proteus sitting here to so though that would be handy...but cant even get the app showing in logic?!? The site is so sh@# i cant tell if that program even works on my mac.

    What solutions actually work?!?! Has any one got any of the above working properly? Or is there some-thing else better to use?

  • Are you doing all the set up on your hardware exactly as specified in the MIMusic guidelines?

    Mine is working fine........uploading a YouTube video about their plug-in in the next couple of days......It's quite basic, but might be helpful to you in some way

  • Thanks for the reply! Yes ive mapped the midi in the environment and changed preference settings as per the pdf. Ive trued this a few times but have the same result. Im keen to see ur video. Is yours changing patches from the hc plugin to the virus?

  • It took me a bit to get the MIM software working properly. I had to buy a specific MIDI din cable, etc. and then make absolutely sure that the hardware was configured exactly as stated on the MIM site.........A bit involved, but you only have to do it once. Beyond that, you have to check that, in the upper window of the software, the MIDI IN & MIDI OUT fields (drop down menu) are set correctly.

    Once I got all that sorted, YES, the patches change on the hardware as they should......Hope that helps. Just uploaded a very detailed Virus video:

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    All the best


  • Thanks Will, i watched your other video on MI Virus HC and tried to set it up with the Roland Um-one and yes! I have finally got it all working properly! Oddly i didnt see that an um-one was required on the MI site?

    So far it all seems quite solid!

    cheers for the help