Bank Select via controller solved

  • I've spent the last couple days wrestling with my new-to-me Virus Desktop, as well as a Prophet Rev 2, and a Novation Peak which are not so new. I use them all as standalone instruments, and track with them old school. Not using any TI. So I've been trying to find a way to scroll through the patches quickly while auditioning sounds and I felt like I should be able to do it from one place, i.e. my S88 controller. All that turning around, or leaning forward while keeping one hand on the keyboard. I wanted to do it like I've always done on my keyboards. Sit with one hand on the keys and the other just to the left of it on whatever knob changed patches. Not stretched like I was playing Twister.:cursing: Well, patch changes were no problem, but bank select on ANY of them turned into a giant PITA.

    Long story short, I found a lovely little Max for LIve device that does just that. Sends Program Change and Bank Select messages. Installed that before the external instrument plugin for each synth, opened Komplete Kontrol and assigned the six knobs free CC #'s, tailored each knob range to match the bank range of its synth, and VOILA!!!!!

    IT LIVES!!! 8o8o8o

    Works like a charm. Two days of scouring the internet for answers and all I had to do was remember, "Oh yeah, Max. I bet somebody made something for that." And if not, can make it yourself.

    Maybe it' time for a walk outside. I hear that's supposed to be good for you.