Baaaaaaaa, broken?

  • Hi,

    My Virus TI2 Desktop is really playing up. Works fine in stand alone, but just does not seem to like working via USB/Virus control in logic anymore.Where to start?

    If i can even get it to make a sound in Logic (this normally takes many many attempts, switching back on and off, quitting Logic, resetting virus etc, restarting computer), it becomes completely unresponsive within less than a minute of playback and tends to just sustain a note - resulting in me either quitting logic or turning off the Virus. I'll reload then it won't work at all and i'll have to keep trying again to get it to work as above.

    I'm running Mac Pro (Early 2008) - 10.11.06 and using Logic Pro X and using a NI Komplete Kontrol keyboard. The virus is updated to

    I've had the Virus from new (10+ years) and although getting it to initially start and work in Logic has often been an issue, it is now completely unusable (via USB) as it stands.

    I'm wondering whether the Keyboard might be causing the issues? Drivers/conflicts etc?

    Any ideas? (p.s. i have just replaced the USB lead - making no difference).

    Kind regards - Matt

  • Have there been any updates for Logic Pro or NI keyboard drivers recently? It’s hard to imagine how the keyboard could impact the VC plugin, but what happens if you completely disconnect the keyboard.

    BTW, Mac OS 10.11.06 is quite old, could be a compatibility issue.

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  • The TI2 and Logic never got along very well for me. To use VC most times it took all that you’ve mentioned. I happened to start using Ableton on the same machine(MacBook Pro 2013 high sierra) and all that went away. I know this doesn’t really help your situation but I did want you to know I’ve experienced exactly what you describe.