Using Control Center to update TI2 and patch management

  • HI Guys! I have Mojave installed the latest 5.1.7 software suit and Virus firmware 5.1.7 shows up on the panel display so looks like update was successful.
    When I run Control Center connected over usb it scans and see's my Virus TI2, status indicates needs update? The Control Center shows option to "backup" or "restore" using Control Center? Should I proceed with backup or restore task to get Control Center up and running? I'm concerned about taking this next step since the standalone TI2 runs fine?
    Problem is I can't load any new patches without Control Center working? Is there a way to install patches on the TI2 without using Control Center? Appreciate any help?

  • Hey, thanks so much for responding! Is there a way to run the total integration standalone for managing patches or does it have to run in a DAW i.e, Ableton or Logic? If I understand correctly, there is no other way to add or manage outside patches without this vst?