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    Yeah I was having these issues too on OSX Mavericks and Yosemite. I tried to plug in things in the right order etc.. I would lose connectivity every time!

    It was the most frustrating feeling having to hurry and export your sounds because you didn't know when the comp was going to lose connection with the synth.

    I purchased a belkin thunderbolt hub off of eBay for $89 US and this has solved the problem. it was a small price to pay for stability, IMHO

    Thank goodness... I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to use the software interface.

    I hope this helps other Virus Users.

    Hello all,

    I have an i7 Mac Mini 4 core 16 bg Ram. I just picked up a great Ti desktop used a couple of days ago and got it all setup, then experienced this issue. I recommend getting a thunderbolt hub like the Thunderbolt Express Dock. That gives you additional USB possibilities through your thunderbolt bus. This way you have all of the USB ports in the back of the Mini for the Virus. When I ignored the error, which told me the virus was sharing a bus with "x" device and anything else connected in the same bus as the virus (except the Tr-8 ), in Ableton Live 9 with the Virus Control VST, the virus was just a garbly locked up deal. Now I have the virus and my TR-8 on the same bus on the back of the mini and everything else on the Thunderbolt Dock. The VST and Virus combo is now working as advertised. :thumbup:

    I am going to test connecting another Powered USB hub daisy chained off of the Thunderbolt Dock and see if that lets me expand the USB further.

    Oh wow. I am having the same issue. Glad I found this thread. I will snatch up a Thunderbolt hub ASAP