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    To whom it may concern,

    I am constantly getting prompted that VCC is not "optimized" for my Mac and that it should be 64 bit and that I notify the developers. Well here I am and I know come September VCC will not work anymore. Is there a workaround? (running an old Host OS is a non-option)


    A kind Snow manipulator since 2009

    I've used a Snow for a year now and one issue that I have had with all of the TI-OS' on Cubase 5.x (5.0->5.5, Mac) is that sometimes Cubase drops the master sync and the TI reverts to 44.1 kHz (I run 48 kHz/24 bit by default in my projects)... arps getting completely out of whack... but also tuning. I have to restart playing the song a couple of times to get it going perfectly again. Sometimes the arps have twice the speed of what the BPM should be but that happens even more rarely. Personally I have no idea why it is doing this and it has NEVER done this when I batch export with real time rendering enabled.

    I have an external DAC (over Firewire, M-Audio Audiophile Pro) that I use as the master sync which may cause the above problems... the DAC's driver has failed me more than once... in fact it is the only unstable piece of software on my Macbook OSX 10.6.x (I use the machine only for music production and nothing else is installed on it.)

    The above is a mere annoyance that I have gotten a bit accustomed to (Apple has all the crash logs of the M-Audio driver so maybe someday things will eventually get fixed on that end.)

    It works on my OS X 10.6.2 with Cubase 5.0.1 setup. Older 3.x projects sound the same as before (including 80 minutes*2*5 automation) which is good, no need to re-edit.

    New sounds... mmmm.... for the next project :D

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