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    Open up a multi-timbrel instrument - 3 channels.

    The best way I have found by far to handle this is to create a multi-instrument in the environment and cable it to the TI audio instrument track. That way, you don't end up with 16(!) virus TI channels cluttering up your environment, among other problems.

    What if you're at 96khz and using the plugin w/ usb outs?

    Yes, notes are late. I'm not really sure what Marc meant by negative but I would say they were positive, in a negative kind of way! It works fine most of the time so no big deal. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this when using the 'D' button. :)


    I've seen it too, and it seems that restarting the audio engine takes care of it.. go to logic audio preferences, toggle anything off and back on (I pick universal track mode) and hit apply

    I dumped the VC a few months back because of timing frustrations. I just tried out the 4.05 release and it appears to be rock-solid, dead-on. Anyone have similar results?

    thanks access!


    I have an old indigo 2 virus with a very dim LCD, I'd like to replace and obtain the part directly from access. I have no problem doing the work myself and would rather not send the entire unit off for this. Can someone from access let me know if it would be possible to buy an LCD assembly direct?


    it's an oscillator page common parameter. alternatively use the "mono" button on the panel. if you use it with Shift, you can toggle through all the modes without menu diving

    hth, marc

    Cool, I completely missed the mono-button and shift+mono behaves as you described, thanks. However, aside from that it doesn't seem to be in any of the menus. Maybe this is different in the TI2, I have a 1.

    Since I have given up trying to get usb sync to work properly -- I'm getting more familiar with my TI's panel and will be living there exclusively with analog cables and midi for a while.

    There is one parameter present in the plugin that I can't find anywhere on the unit.. key mode? As in poly, mono, etc.. I would assume that would be in the main edit menu but I can't find it anywhere. Where could it be hiding?

    Hello, I'm really at my wits' end here with virus TI desktop sync problems. My system is a 2007 Mac pro (4 core 2.66). I have a fresh install of snow leopard, all the latest patches and logic 9.1.1. The audio sync to the virus is always unpredictable, usually late, and using the analog outputs is sometimes better but by no means perfect.

    Last year I bought a PCIe card to put the virus on its own dedicated bus, that seemed to work for a while until my machine started kernel panicing while working on projects. The card was definitely the cause of that, maybe it's not fully compatible with Snow Leopard. The TI is plugged back into the mac pro's builtin USB ports. The only other usb devices I use are a keyboard, midi controller, and also a mackie control surface.. All very low bandwidth stuff.

    I'm pretty much at a loss, I am debating the possibility of giving up the VC plugin and all of its advantages entirely and going to midi and audio so that I can work on sounds with the correct timing.

    I don't know what else to try. Maybe someone could suggest another PCIe usb2 card that is definitely compatible with snow leopard, or perhaps another possible fix?

    By the way, I'm using the latest TI OS 4 beta. I have read quite a few threads on this site about the sync not working properly for various people. Would it be better to go back to 3.X?

    thanks in advance