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    Sorry for the confusion.

    I read that the problem was that you couldn't download the new firmware because you couldn't register your hardware.

    My point is that you can download the new firmware as registering the hardware is irrelevant so waiting for days to get the hardware registered so you could download the new firmware was not necessary and you could have downloaded it immediately.

    Regards, Chris

    I have to say....once Access got wind of my problem...they absolutely bent over backwards to take care of me, including personal phone calls to me and extensive follow up with the dealer who sold me the unit to find out what actually caused the issue. They took this very seriously and I am truly impressed with the people behind the product. They genuinely cared that I was unhappy, and truly wanted to make me happy. Very impressed! Bottom line, I am now fully registered and a happy camper. Nice!

    Thanks for the comments and support i got on this forum too...good bunch of guys you all are! Access rocks!


    Just a quick point. When I was considering buying my TI2 Polar, I registered on the Access site as a non owner and was able to download all the software and manuals etc.

    I know this is of no use to you Ron but if it happens to someone else it may possibly help?

    Regards, Chris