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    Is there a way that I can back up my multi instruments that I've created without using the plugin (I'm using hardware only, never touch the plugin). I like to back up all of my stuff and am wondering how I'd go about doing this?

    Thanks for any help in advance

    woah what have I done. This is the first time I've checked this thread since i posted the original question and 24 replies...

    if its going to be fixed in an update i'm happy with that. the led problem isn't really effecting the functionality of the virus, just a small error that i noticed with the unit.


    I've been creating patches and storing them in RAM bank A (without the control plugin, just using the hardware). I remember when I first used the plugin it sync'd all of the banks and I'm wondering if I load the plugin again will it sync and overwrite my user created patches? I'm guessing not but I'd just like to check before something nasty happens.



    I received my first ever Virus a few days ago, the TI2 desktop. I downloaded OS4, everything seemed to installed and update successfully. However... I've discovered something strange happening with the LFO section of the synth, it's very easy to explain what's happening...

    I select LFO 1 and adjust the rate, the speed of the LED for LFO 3 changes. I select LFO 3 and adjust the rate, the speed of the LED for LFO 1 changes. LFO 2 is fine. Is this just me or has anyone else noticed this? It doesn't matter what patch I'm using, this happens all the time.