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    What you're describing sounds nearly EXACTLY like what I'm getting with my new Virus TI2 Polar. I've been dialoging with support and they are now coming to the conclusion that there is an issue with the unit itself.

    BTW, I have a completely different setup to yours (Mac OS X 10.5, Logic 8/9). I'd definitely recommend contacting support.


    Thanks for the tip. I think I will do so! It is really really frustrating. The performance is so random, I couldn't even bet if it works every time I turn it on. I think I'll get to support right away.

    i don't know if you want to imply that something doesn't work with windows 7 or you had crashes with windows vista/xp. if you're talking about windows 7 - please note that windows 7 is not a supported OS and your mileage might vary. we currently support XP and Vista.

    best, marc

    Dear Marc,

    I had winxp pro sp3 before installing w7 x86. I tried 3.05 on winxp pro. No luck at all. The weird thing, is that my virus crashes even without usb connection after about 1 minute. And it's very often. It was mostly rare moments when I used virus without crashing at all. At some point in session, it always does. Don't get me wrong, that thing sounds amazing, but man that's frustrating!

    Right now, after updating to 3.1 it crashes in standalone mode with or without usb cable. It certainly does when system tries to install those drivers via device manager. Sometimes it just goes in update mode by its own. Sometimes, and that's my first, it freezes completely with black screen and all led lit on. And sometimes ( :) ) it crashes on "connection established" dialog and freezes on it. I think I had it all.

    I've never come to use 16 parts though. The max I could get with virus control is 6 parts and not because of dsp power as I don't use internal effects like reverb or delay. When it does work, it has that unbelievable sound, but I really must cross my fingers and everything I can actually cross and pray it won't crash in the middle of composing session, 'cuz that almost always make me turn off the computer and go for a walk to cool down.


    Fringe glad you got it going at least!

    Shandor, I'll send you some detail tomorrow; i'm virused out and need some sleep.. too much cheez for one night :)

    Thanks, additive. Go and have a nap!!! We don't want to loose the one for whom this release seems actually to work! :thumbup:

    new 3.1.00 updated drivers working 100% perfectly. Install under windows 7 x86 was seamless. :) Thanks Timo!

    Additive, I'm really interested in your experience. Can you describe it along with your config and windows built you're using + language.

    Can you also describe what do you see in device manager related to Virus. As I understand there are 3 components: USB composite, Virus Audio and Virus MIDI. Can you give us a sneak preview of your device manager?

    thanks a lot!

    Had no luck at all with either 3.05 or 3.1 versions. Virus even without USB connection keeps crushing, hanging and God knows doing whatever it likes. Feels pretty sick thought.

    Right now I decided to give it a try to Windows 7 x86 and the performance is so random. Intallation just won't load drivers. After forcing several times I got it working, but it's impossible to use in the production environment. The version that worked for me best was 3.03. Had some crackling in audio, but it was pretty stable. I hadn't any luck at all with 3.05. Virus just kept crushing whatever I did. And it was under WXP PRO x86.

    I guessed I'm doomed to use Virus without any USB (which cuts by third its worthiness).

    It's just not stable at all. Point. Such a pitty for incredible synth.

    My config:

    Gigabyte EP-45-DQ6
    NVIDIA Quadro FX1700
    4 Go RAM
    Lynx AES16 interface
    External clocking on Antelope Audio OCX
    Convertors: Prism Dream ADA8
    Cubase 5.01
    Windows 7 x86 and x64(for video or post)

    Even Tcelectronic powercore drivers are working and I really hate their drivers.

    I'm not complaining, it's obviously an incredibly difficult architecture and the idea is mind buggling, as well as the quantity of possible configurations!!!! I don't envy to Access at all.

    Just please, like says Tim Gunn " Make it work! ". Please...