Posts by drajevolitch Thanks:) I´ll give it a try. It will hopefully work as a temporary solution. But I really hope the guys from Access catch up on this.

    Thanks again :!:

    I´ve always loved my Virus since my first contact with Access Virus back in ´96. And now with my almost new TI2 Polar it´s a joy.
    But still there are some things I find myself missing in the TI2.

    First of all I would like to be able to view the software (Virus Control) in full screen mode. Second I would like to control the TI2 in stand alone mode (fullscreen also). Just open it right on the desktop and start tweeking. I use a lot of time tweeking and shaping sound/noise and it would really help to have no distractions. Just the V and me...u know?


    Everytime I use the random button and tweek the synth until I get just the "right sound" it dosen´t save the result. It just saves this distortion sound that´s really ugly. But when I tweek other sounds (preset) or just make a new sound from scratch, it saves fine.

    Is it a bug in the virus? Or just in my virus TI?

    ...and another thing. Multimode needs an upgrade. I have a macbook pro with osx 10.6.4 but I have to say that the communication between the two is not optimal.

    Anybody? :huh: