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    no need to get so fired up, Matt

    But, I also got alot of problems in regards to Virus Control, it`s slow and it usually makes both Cubase 4/5, Logic 8/9 crash. Got all the newest updates for both DAWs also updated OSX and all hardware I currently use.
    It works ok, but I really think Virus Control needs to improve quite a bit, I love the concept of Total Intergration, too bad it still has some major bugs. Its pretty troublesome when you have to save everytime you do something via the Virus Control in case the DAW goes to shreds..


    Hey, one thing I`ve found annoying in VC is not having the ability to import midi patch-banks without, exiting my DAW, copying the .mid`s to the patch directory, then restarting my DAW.
    Cant be much of a hassle making a basic import function in VC? :)



    Just got my Virus Snow today, and can`t wait to start messing with it!
    I`ve been a hobby musician for 14 years almost, have always had a keen intrest in synths and cool hardware. I am a cubase (now 5.1) user and have a few synths (jp8080, supernova, virus KB) and have always been into electronic music (trance, goa, etc etc)
    When I`m not fiddling with music I am an avid WoW player and pretty much a full-time geek. I work in the IT-industry as a technical consultant too (figures..:)

    Cya around!