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    While I was downloading the latest drivers for my audio interface on the UAD website, I read their tips how to get their software running on M1 chips.…con-M1-Compatibility-Info

    I hope this could also solve the Audio/USB issue with the total integration on the virus TIs on latest Mac OSX with or without M1!?

    Has anyone already tested their recommended setting changes in Recovery mode to get Virus running audio via USB on latest OSX!?

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    Hello I have my virus playing 3 different patches in Logic. I just don't know how to send them to audio tracks to record them in real time?

    When I go to 1st virus track it goes to Stereo Out only other options are sending it to a bus/aux?

    Just send the signal from Virus Plugin to the individual USB OUTS, then you'll have them on 3 Stereo AUX channels. From there you can send them to busses, create audio channels and select the busses you routed the signals to as input to the audio channel. Then you can record in realtime 3 Stereo-Signals at once.

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    just want to share my final solution for sync issues like arps or LFOs running out of sync, audio glitches or Virus losing sync when switching song positions in the DAW. Access recommends to use an USB hub for virus only. This recommendation is good, but still causes problems from time to time . Now I use a Thunderbolt hub (link below) with virus connected directly without USB hub to the Thunderbolt hub, which is connected via Thunderbolt to Macbook Pro. I think the syncing of audio via thunderbolt is better and more stable than USB, even the latency is improved. Furthermore the Thunderbolt hub is treated like an PCI express card and therefore is more reliable. On top the Thunderbolt connection offers enough bandwith (even TB 1 with 10 GBit/s bidirectional) to use the HDMI output of the Thunderbolt docking station to connect an additional monitor and also my audio interface Apollo Twin is connected to the docking station. Everything runs fine and my Virus never worked so stable and tight. :)…eh%C3%A4use/dp/B00PFHLH2I

    Choirs...even if maybe they aren't really the best that a Virus can do...

    You can create choir sounds by using wavetable mode. dial through the different wavetables and find one sound that comes close to the kind of oohhs or aaahhs or whatever you are looking for. What is very important, set up the chorus effect and use a low pass filter dipping the very high frequencies. Use another wavetable on oscillator 2 which is around the one you have on osc 1 or the same. Add other unisono voices at least twin or even more to rich up the sound.

    In order to get rid of the clean digital in your face sound, enable the Analog Boost to a maximum of 127 and trying to find the right frequency that suites your sound. The Analog Boost algorithm immediatly gives you a warmer analog sound.

    This is what Support told me. Haven't tried it yet. Although I have this driver mismatch warning. The Control plug in works in my DAW, but not with the Virus control center.

    "In this case we recommend to remove the entire TI OS suite from this Mac with the help of the Access uninstaller which you will find here:


    Whenever this has happened, please shut down the Mac, wait a few seconds and then restart the computer again. Next install the Virus TI OS once again on the Mac and the TI and see if this helps. To install the TI OS again on the TI hardware, please unplug the power from your Virus TI and remove any other cable going from/to the TI. Wait approximately 30-60 seconds. While plugging back in the power only, hold down the EXIT button. This will force the unit into USB UPDATE MODE. Next try again to load in the very latest OS and check if this helps."

    I use triangle wave to create 909 kicks. Init-Phase to 1, one of the new envelopes for example route to pitch oscillator 1 or two. play around with the amount. Notice only to use one oscillator. and play with the punch paramëter to create that click-sound. thats it.
    One trick is to set the oscillator- mode to hold, so that the sound is one-shot. and you can play it like a real 909, which is recreatet evereytime you hit a button.
    the amp envelope is to set to attacl 0, decay about 30 or so. depends on how long you want the soudn to be. and sustain and release to 0. because you are in hold mode.

    Is it correct, that you improve the lifetime of a virus by keeping it in stand by mode instead of take it off the power supply? will it really :huh: encrease the lifetime of the capacitors inside and the lifetime of the batterie???

    it would be very cool to encrease the lfo speed and the arp speed. For the arppegiator it would also be nice to be able to enter values from 1 to 127 except than 1/128tel and so on. Like with the lfos, faster rates would be very useful!!! ;)

    Hello. For me it would be very usefull to route the oscillators and noise outputs seperatly and more individual to the filters or to a parallel bus which goes directly into the main outs without passing the filter stage. Like in Filter-Split mode but more flexible. For example it would be fine being able to filter the oscillators without attaching the noise-generator, because it already has a kind of filter, the color parameter.
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    which effect does the rectifier produce? to me it seems that it cuts off the negative phase of the oscillator? i would like to have some kind of a rectifier that only cuts off the high frequencies like for example to change a triangle waveform into a sinus by smoothing it?

    I think the virus is a very good snthesizer for emulating the roland classics like 808 and 909. I lately tried to emulate the standart sounds of these two machines like kickdrum, snares and claps and i must say, that the virus comes very close to the originals, because of its analog boost parameters and very analog sounding filters and noise generator. While designing the sounds i always comparded them to the d16 drumazon and nepheton, which are very good roland 808 and 909 emulations. I use the...