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    Agree, powerful DAW and powerful synth but it's not exactly plug and play, even if you start off with the Ti Live template set. There has to be a better way of integrating them to harness the power of each, improve usability and workflow?

    We've been patient, very patient, it's about time. 64 Bit drivers please, please, pretty please... I've logged several calls with access support over the last 2 years and each time I get the same response, it's too hard/no plans to do this. I really don't understand. Any chance of providing some more detail as to why it's so hard.

    I have a decent computer, 8Gb RAM, quad core 3Ghz, 64Bit windows, every other company has provided either a true 64 bit version of software/drivers or a version that works on a 64Bit OS. Sequencer, audio editor, other audio hardware, controllers, etc. Jees even my joystick and webcam have 64bit drivers! OK so audio/midi is slightly different but come on it's not that hard. I reakon a few days programing to get something very basic working.

    Having to dual boot or use a separate 32bit computer is ridiculous. Having more than 3Gb of memory in a studio computer is beneficial don't you think?? Have you looked in the computer press recently or tried to buy a powerful computer to run a studio? The majority of decent computers come with 64Bit OS's pre-installed, thats A LOT OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS you are totally missing.

    Yes we absolutely love all the free s/w updates and additional features you keep adding to VC and that is very much appreciated but it's all kind of pointless if we have SO much hassle trying to integrate the virus with other stuff, remind me, what does Ti stand for again?????