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    They said they're working on it several times, we just have to wait. It takes time to rewrite the whole thing. You should HIDE the VC when not using it to make changes, it improves the speed a lot

    Optimism is great, but this issue has really been making my Virus useless for the past few months. It also makes Cubase 5 more sluggish than it should be whenever the Virus is playing sounds, which makes it a less convenient option than most softsynths. I bought it for the total integration and virus control, and so far it isn't delivering. I've been contemplating the idea of returning to XP but my production computer is also used for some of my work so it would be a huge pain to go back.

    I really cannot wait till this thing is fixed and I'm glad I'm not the only one. Would be cool to have a rough idea of what's going on with this fix they're working on.

    Tried it. Sadly no effect for me.

    Thanks for the idea though.