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    Hey, thanks for the tips, they are great to know! I was wondering if you had any tips on using vst effects from your daw when using virus control. I am using ableton live 8 and I am trying to side-chain compress a pad sound. I am using 3 midi channels/parts with virus control but I am only able to place my compressor on the main Virus control plug-in which side-chains all 3 parts in the virus but i just want to side-chain one of the parts. Any tips? Thank you.

    The "Omni Routing" tutorial at should help you out.


    I just downloaded and installed 3.3.4 without any issues. It's working fine with Live 8.10.

    I'm running Win7 64 bit on a laptop.

    ps. I also agree about the lack of ease in browsing the presets...

    i know many of you want 64 bit compatibility now but since it is such a chicken and egg problem (cpu versus computer OS versus host etc.) it takes time. getting a system like Total Integration to 64 bit is not as "trivial" as it appears to.


    Marc, what are you saying? Should we read between the lines? You're scaring me!


    I just need to say that I'm getting tired of people who argue against 64 bit. We should not need to defend 64 bit because of it's memory advantanges...

    64 bit computing is not a hype, it the natural evolution of computing and will woon surpass 32 bit as the standard, if it hasn't already done so.

    In the end, it's not about if your music will imrpove with 64 bit or that you need more ram for music, it's simply that 64 bit is the future, and for those buying new computers, it just doesn't make sense to buy a 32 bit OS at this point.

    During my research for a new PC laptop, I noticed that 90% of computers now ship with 64 bit OS. If you really want 32 bit, you can still get it but I would guess for not too much longer.

    The analogie I can think of is when touch-tone telephones were replaing the rotary phones. Sure you could stay with the rotary phone, it did everything you needed, but why would you? Eventually the technology of the touch-tone provided caller-ID and other tools that were impossible to have with the rotary phone. To me, those who argue for 32 bit are those who argue for the rotary technology and are living in the dark.

    In a few years almost all computers will be running 64 bit.


    I'm not sure what else I can add that has not already been said about the 64 bit issue but here are the main arguments for me:

    - regardless of the memory advantages, 64 bit OS is now THE standard (most new computers come with 64 bit OS as standard)
    - those of us with 64 bit machines CANNOT use Virus Control !!!
    - all that is needed to solve this issue is to make the DRIVER available, that's all !
    - at this time, a 64 bit VC is not critical, all we need is the 64 bit DRIVER !!! Then we can actually use the VC software.

    Most of us cannot understand the reluctance of Access to provide the 64 bit driver. Maybe it's because:

    - they don't want to release the 64 bit drivers without the 64 bit VC ? (likely but reason is unclear)
    - they don't really think 64 bit is important ? (unlikely)
    - It is too difficult to program the 64 bit driver? (maybe but unlikely)
    - marketing reason ? (can't think of any logical reason)
    - 64 bit is a low priority, get the Virus stable first? (likely)
    - ...what else?

    Access, please provide the 64 bit driver so we can use VC. We don't need the 64 bit VC at this point.