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    Though we still have not figured out how to get all 4 parts on the Snow to sound off at the same time using Sonar 8.5, Minihost, and Savihost, (any ideas?), I have been able to save a 4 part Multi as a .FXP, and recall it through whichever host. So I am hoping this will allow us to recall Multi's with the VC? (not worried about storing them in the Snow's hardware,... yet.), as all parameters do save. This is important to us as we are likely going to use our future Multis again in other songs. Any ideas on all this?



    Viral Outbreak is really nice, but more of one persons take on the Virus TI, it certainly does not have a synth engine anywhere as nice as the TI, and it is actually a special version of Wusikstation, which in it's own right is a great Vector Synth! Also Viral Outbreak can do Step Sequencing, that would be great if TI could do that. Just the same pairing Viral Outbreak with the Virus TI is a wonderful combination! And an inexpensive way to get TI "like sounds" to bolster thee already amazing TI.



    I know I'm late on this, but I agree that for Access to make a VST would make the Virus,... less then.

    Even the Pro Tools, and Power Core Indigo, are really just software being powered by a CPU (DSP chip) off the card in Pro Tools, or rack or card in the case of TC.

    What I think most people don't consider is that all digital hardware synths, are in fact software in a hardened (ROM DSP) format. For example, I own a Korg Triton EXT 88, Korg designed all it's abilities/functions/algorithms on a computer, where it first breathed life as full fledged software, in the case of the Legacy Collection Wavestation and M1, Korg had "probably" very little trouble turning those into VSTi's because they were first realized as software, so adhering to the Steinberg VST format, adding some nice GUI's and tweaking some coding here and there,.... there you have it. All digital hardware synths have to start on a computer as software, as that is the nature of digital.

    Some newer digital "hardware" synths have not just their OS in flash ROM but all there main guts (algorithms) . One very obvious example is the Virus TI, and I think all or most of the Virus line. I "think" the Korg M3 is this way too for all the incredible updates it received (though I hate 'with a passion' the sound of it, oh and the look too), also the OASYS was a hardware synth of this nature. Whether the guts of all digital hardware synths be on permanently burnt ROM chips, Flash Rom, HDD, or a combination of these, they all are or originated from software, even permanently burned ROM still has binary software code, it is simply frozen/unalterable.

    So in me telling this, it is clear (to me anyway) the lines between "soft Synths" and "digital hardware Synths" is truly blurred, both have advantages and disadvantages, and though I agree with Access not making a VSTi of the Virus, it is still easy enough to see digital synths as over sized dongles, and that is Ok with me. Besides some of these digital hardware synths are truly best suited to not live in our music computers, as they would eat up far too much native CPU. Sorry if I got way off topic, I guess I did go on a bit of a diatribe.

    Cheers to all!


    He wasn't short with me, just stubborn, and acted as though nothing could ever go wrong w/ an Access product. Just the same I didn't even think you were referring to MIDI, I already checked that possibility. It didn't occur to me that's what you were talking about, so there was no tone, I was just puzzled. But really to make assumptions such as you have that no one at Access could be imperfect, as if Access is one person, and that assumption I had a tone with him, is just a bit much. And anyway I am looking for Snow users to find answers, but just the same thanks for your attempt at helping me out!


    Well that was my unfortunate experience, I may have gotten a decent response if it had been someone else that got our support request email, also on Cakewalk forums I have heard a few complaints about email support... either way it doesn't matter, and what difference could it possibly make as to what I am using to control the Virus, when this is an audio concern?

    Just the same an M-Audio Axiom 25, and Korg Triton EXT 88 fitted with a brand new RH3 key bed, and I have also used a Korg MS-20 controller. Oh and Sonar's Piano roll. (edit) aswell as the Snow's audition button.


    Correct there are no controls like the input jacks have, I did contact them via email twice, and the guy I dealt with, though I was VERY polite and courteous practically disregarded my concern with an attitude of, "you are small people go away, and bother me not again" Yes Snow users PLEASE let us know how the volume with your headphones plugged directly in are.


    Chris & Erik

    Our Virus TI Snow, has very low volume on the headphone jack. (Same volume on the other mono jack)
    Is this normal for the Snow? Using any set of headphones sound very soft, even our Pro Grade AKG's.
    At half volume depending on the patch you hear very little. At full volume it's not much better, certain patches are easier to hear due to their programming, but mostly not loud enough.
    Our iPod Nano goes much louder w/ no headphone amp. Also our Triton Extreme, JV-2080, and Fire Face 800 all go much louder than the Snow.

    I contacted Access email support, and that proved useless, this guy was either not listening to me, or was too stubborn to admit that the Snow's are indeed not very loud with out an amp. It "may' even be because it does not have a dedicated headphone jack. Snow users PLEASE help.

    A Great Many Thanks In Advance

    Chris & Erik

    I'm not surprised, We are disgusted that VC multi editing is not their for us, it's complex sound design purposes, Thats ok we'll make better ones on our own anyway.
    Also this maybe useful to those who do not know, after creating a multi in your DAW you can save it as an .FXP so that you ca use it again in another project if you wish.

    But I am still having a bitch of a time trying to get all 4 parts in my Snow to sound, in Sonar 8, any ideas? anyone? Also has anyone owning a Snow noticed that the headphone output is rather soft? I'm concerned about it, and have gotten the royal run around from Access email support.


    Erik & Chris

    Silly me, yes that's what I mean "VC". VC VSTi will work stand alone in Savi or Mini host.

    Truly a shame access has no plans to do this. I think I am not alone when I say that, that is a Huge letdown... Oh and to be clear I am referring to no VC mode that will allow call up or editing of Multis,... just seems ridiculous this feature is missing.

    Is there a way to import a Multi into Sequencer mode using the hardware? If so can those be brought up in VC?. I have already been informed that 4 parts used in the Snow in VC mode can be saved as Multis



    My suggestions, not demands, are not contradictory when they have named it "Total Integration". Though I do understand what you mean. I agree they should not take anything else on until VCC is finally (hopefully) what it "should" be. Or as I suggest, rewrite, or maybe just modify it, and give us an alternate VCC to choose from so existing projects don't get screwed up. The R&D at Access are obviously brilliant programmers to have created the Virus to begin with, I would hope and wish to believe they have the brilliance to go about their future development of VCC with. . . wisdom. I think my idea of a variant VCC is just the ticket, and "probably" the easiest for them, and an excellent segue into a new and improved VCC.



    From what I gather this is too much of a hassle for Access to implement, though I fail to understand this, and in part because MIDIQUEST TI editor WILL allow you to edit Multis, and as a VSTi.

    Whatever the actual reason this "may" not be possible or feasible in VCC VSTi, I may have a solution if Access would go with it.

    I suggest A Stand Alone VCC editor that allows you to edit Multis outside of your sequencer, and allow you to save those Multi presets to be called up in VCC VSTi in the SEQ mode but under a different extension (specifically for seq mode) allowing Multis to be pulled up.

    OR a Separate VCC VSTi for Multi editing and Multi's ONLY, thus giving the user the option to use a Multi plug in or the standard Single mode one, this separation would "should" eliminate any tech issues by implementing Multi edit mode within the Single only VCC VSTi!

    Yes two Separate VCC VSTi's, the current one, and another one for Multi's only,.. thus getting around any technical difficulties implementing Multi editing and call up from the existing VCC VSTi.

    This could ALSO mean a rewrite altogether of the VCC VSTi, BUT still keeping the existing one so ones projects stay intact, while being able to use new improved one allowing Multi edit mode for people starting new projects. Shoot me dead if I'm wrong, but I think my ideas are great, and could be utilized to seriously improve TI and make most everyone happy...

    Thanx 4 listening!


    How about it Access???