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    Point 1 is pretty much what I'd understood too and what what I was meaning in my first post.
    Point 2: the Fireface UC is indeed USB 2 so I guess that explains how it manages to send so many audio channels at the same time. I'd forgotten the Virus TI is only USB 1.1 (let's hope Access's next gen hardware, if it does keep the TI feature, will use higher bandwidth serial interfaces). I solved my bandwidth throttling issues by having the Virus and other hardware on separate USB hubs (the ones integrated on my PC motherboard). That's what I was meaning when I said I had to troubleshoot through all the possible USB port combinations.

    Oh I pretty much agree on all points ! :) I just wanted to clarify something that had stood out for me out of all the stuff on both forums since it's pretty logical from an computer science point of view (and I do know a bit about that). But indeed maybe not using that bandwidth, even though it *is* reserved, does help reducing the USB MIDI jitter and stuff.
    The Virus is a very sensitive piece of hardware where its USB connection is concerned and like most people I've been struggling with it since I bought it in 2009. I've been able to find a pretty much stable state of things the past few years with my current PC hardware (which is a custom built PC for gaming originally) after having searched for the best USB port combination. I mostly only get the MIDI jitter these days.
    I think the TI is plagued by the fact that no two USB chips are equal, and you can apply the same reasoning to USB drivers, cables, operating systems versions, etc.
    Now what I do wonder is why my RME audio interface, which is also USB has always worked flawlessly... The virus' analog outs sound beautiful on it ^^

    Analog outs are still digital signals converted to Analog signals, its just bypassing the USB stage of the Virus and sending to the analog ports instead, reducing bandwidth on virus USB port thus enabling faster transfer of sync/midi data and reducing glitching, sync probs etc... so better sound & better sync simply by avoiding using USB audio...

    From what I understand (someone correct me on this), the USB bandwidth is reserved from the moment you fire up the Virus TI VST plugin. Whether you use the USB audio channels or not doesn't change the fact that the bandwidth is still being used (in this case, to transmit digital silence)... So I'm not sure that changes anything with regards to freeing up the USB bandwidth for MIDI Sync etc.

    Using the analog outs does have advantages though :)