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    aMUSEd: Well, the problem with that approach is that you lose project recall - ie that patches and settings are saved with the project in the sequencer. Also, are you sure that your suggested approach doesn't kill conventional midi/audio for the TI - as far as I recall, the TI goes into USB mode when running the VST. Will have to check it though.

    Fireshark: Thanks for chiming in! Since Access is still developing on VC + the OS, I'm somewhat hopeful. I think the problem is that there's been an assumption that doing midi, audio, everything via USB was the right way to go, but that approach caused issues for some users and made it necessary for Access to try various workarounds (Live-mode, D-buttons, different outputs, etc).
    I'm guessing that users spending thousands of euros/dollars on a TI are quite likely using it for professional/semi-professional purposes - and as such, they (we) probably already have a soundcard and a midi interface.
    By implementing a mode in VC where it works as in standalone, without the USB audio/midi element but with the benefits of VC, they would've come a long way in solving these issues and generally giving their users a much smoother experience. They have a fine UI in VC, so they "just" need to implement that mode within the existing framework.

    And at the end of the day, it would ultimately be to their own benefit as well, with fewer support issues, fewer miffed users etc.

    So I’m *still* keeping my fingers crossed – but I guess I’ve been doing that for a while now.. :)

    aMUSEd, thanks for the input. VC offers a very fine front-end for accessing the TI while working in-sequencer on a project - which is useful for selecting & tweaking patches etc - and running a separate VST host does not allow the user to save the current TI state & patches with the project for total recall.

    So what I'm talking about is a mode in VC where audio and midi is NOT sent via USB (ie the TI acts just like in stand-alone mode, with no latency, TI-as-a-soundcard concerns etc), but VC is still used within the sequencer.

    Hope that makes sense - if not, let me know.

    TiUser: VST may not be perfect, but I've had great and usable experiences with loads of VSTi's, so perhaps the reason why VC is proving to be so irksome is because it's sending audio back and forth as you mention.
    This is exactly why I think there's a very real need for a librarian-only solution which bypasses the current audio via USB-approach but still offers up some of the opportunities that make VC great.

    polybonk: Thanks for the post - glad you agree! In general, I'd say that anyone who feels that the VC solution is “good enough” as is should take the TI for a spin as a standalone unit. I think many will be surprised at the responsiveness and hassle-free experience that this provides.
    Hopefully, Access can provide a solution that offers the best of both worlds - ie. a simplified mode in VC without the quirks and workarounds that the whole audio+midi via USB entails.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    @woodster77: Good to hear it's working out for you!

    Stephen: Good point :)

    heckmat: I know I can use it in stand-alone mode as any other hardware synth - that's what I'm doing at the moment, and it does offer up quite a few advantages:

    * No output latency issues
    * No input latency issues
    * No delay compensation affecting other synths
    * No USB volume issues
    * No loss of audio sync
    * No having to change between audio outputs depending on whether you want to record or play back
    * No crackling due to buffer issues
    * No host compatibility issues
    * When using the analogue outs: No sample rate concerns

    (I'm not suggesting everyone using VC will be experiencing this - it's just a list of some of the issues I recall people having with VC when I was using it)

    - however, by taking the stand-alone route I'm also missing out on the whole TI aspect and the benefits of a GUI for the TI within your host sequencer - such as:

    * Total project recall - ie load a project in your host sequencer, and all sounds and settings are instantly recalled
    * Onscreen parameter tweaking
    * Easy GUI sound selection
    * Easy patch and bank upgrades

    Thanks @woodster77, Marc, TiUser for the external VST host suggestions, but I still think there's a very real need for a sequencer-hosted version of VC with just the librarian features enabled - ie. a mode where the TI works just as in stand-alone, but without the whole audio-and-midi-via-USB-aspect (and potential problems/quirks outlined above) added to it.

    - Asbjoern

    I'm a long-time Access Virus user and fan - started out with the Virus C, and moved on to the TI when it was initially released. I hoped it would offer up an easy way of managing and modifying my patches, but after struggling with timing/delay compensation/latency/volume issues and needless fiddling with outputs, extra buttons that needed to be pressed etc, I gave up on the whole TI element and have just used it as a stand-alone unit ever since.

    However, it’s been a few years since I looked at the fabled TI aspect of the synth, so I was curious to see if Access had gotten around to implementing a simple patch/bank management mode without the added TI-as-a-soundcard-and-midiinterface/USB quirks/issues/hassles mentioned above.

    To be honest, I was really expecting this to have been sorted out by now, as it was a MUCH requested feature back then and offered a number of obvious advantages. But after reading through the forums, I’m frankly shocked and really saddened to see that this is *still* not the case!

    Access, how about implementing a simple mode that allows us to save and manage our banks and patches via the very nice GUI, but which otherwise allows us to use the TI completely as in stand-alone mode (audio via the audio outputs, midi via the midi ports etc, just as in stand-alone mode).

    IE no fancy audio via USB or anything, and subsequently without all the potential issues and frustrations that the whole USB aspect entails (I already have a sound card and a midi interface)!

    Some of us just want to use and manage the awesome synth that is the TI without all the hassle - is that really too much to ask?

    Thanks and best regards,
    - Asbjoern