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    Agreed !!!! Please redo the whole preset menus .
    And add " init " ( when right clicking on a track in the GUI of virus and have an simple but very powerful option "init ?" Click and your track is ready !!!
    But the library needs a make over ASAP .( white background, bigger and clearer font for the presets and better categorized just like native instruments )

    Hi ,
    with all the technology of soft synth ( that today sound very powerful)
    i think it's time for virus to do some adjustments. Face lifting to the legendary virus ti GUI .
    1. I think all user will agree that searching for a sound in the preset is really uncomfortable, the text is super small and it's hard to read the number next to it . I feel that the " searching for sounds " should be more user friendly and not so intimidating. It's just hard to read , it's so small and the numbering at the side are dark as well ,which doesn't help .( maybe a white clear background so you can read the text / name of presets ).I had my virus for 5 years now and from the beginning I felt that the menu for searching sounds was a little dated and should of been addressed as many other plugins have done !!!

    2. What about an "init " button . To reset a preset ( maybe right click on the track and an option should come up to initialise that track ) it's simple and worth having .
    I feel that Access has to make this synth much more user friendly and fun to use ( not only to sound good ) ! :(