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    Hopefully I can articulate this clearly. :)

    What I would love to see within Virus Control is the ability to manually enter parameter values for anything and everything. Currently you can do this for the Filters. You can click on the respective value and enter whichever number you want on the keyboard instead of rolling the dial (if that makes sense). It would be nice to see this for the envelopes, delay, etc. Anything with a "knob" essentially instead of clicking and moving the mouse to get the right value, the ability to type the value you want on your keyboard instead.

    If you can do this and I'm just clueless on how, please let me know. I've owned by TI2 for almost 2 years now and haven't see how to do this.


    Hi There,

    I updated to Windows 8.1 and did not have any issues with my Virus TI 2. The only thing I had to do was reinstall the driver but that wasn't a big deal. I had to do the same thing when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. That said, I use Sonar and not Cubase but I would not anticipate any issues.



    I did an upgrade as well. You know, I actually didn't try a reinstall but it's ok, I had another, what I consider "music critical app" that definitely didn't work so I had to roll back anyway. I'm waiting on an updated driver for that particular peice of gear so once that's released, I'll upgrade again. Maybe by then Access will either have the final version of OS 5 out or a reinstall of the app will do the trick.

    Has anyone had any luck getting the Virus Control Center to work on Windows 8 Pro?
    The VST itself seems to work okay but in general I would summarize to say that the latest version online is not compatible with Windows 8. I ultimately had to restore the image I had of Windows 7. Obviously I realize Windows 8 was just released on Friday and I knew better than to upgrade so soon. :) Hopefully the guys at Access Music are working on a Win 8 compatible version soon *nudge*

    Though not using my Virus TI2 live, I had similar issues. After exchaning half-a-dozen or so emails with tech support and convinced them of a problem, I ultimately had to ship my Virus off for warranty repair. End result was that my DSP was crashing and the system board was replaced.

    I had to send it off twice because the repair shop "forgot" to reconnect the ribbon cable that controls the keyboard when in standalone mode. Go figure but in all it wasn't a painful experience. The first time it went off for repair, I got it back in two weeks. The second time to reconnect the ribbon cable, I got it back in two days.

    It took me longer to convince support that it wasn't an ID10T error and that I may know a thing or two about how devices interact with a PC. :P

    I couldn't agree more and I do believe the U.S. is severely lacking in the area of consumer electronics. At least Access Music is living up to its obligation though it took me quite a while to convince tech support that there was something wrong with the hardware and not my set up. I do read manuals on occassion. :D

    Zzounds only offers 30 day return / exchange option so I missed the boat on that one. I heard back from the US office and they are generating a service ticket for me and are going to pay for shipping so it seems as though the process will be fairly smooth. It's a bit frustrating to pay as much for this thing to have to send it back so soon but maybe this particular unit was simply a lemon.

    Hi All,
    After working with support for many hours my Virus TI2 has to be serviced. It's a mere 90 days old.

    At any rate, I was curious if anyone in the U.S. has had to send theirs off for repair and what the experience was like. I'm waiting to hear back from the U.S. office on what the process is but I hope it's not too painful and I certainly hope I don't have to wait too long to get the thing back.



    Hi Everyone:
    Before I reach out to Access support I wanted to run an issue that I have been having with my TI2 Keyboard. I have the latest OS running on Windows 7 x64 (8GB RAM / 3.2gHz AMD Quad-Core). For the most part it works okay but once in a while the audio will start screaming at me. When working in Sonar x64, with the TI2 loaded as a VST, upon playback the audio will suddenly start letting out a loud buzz sound. To resolve I typically have to unplug the unit for about 10 seconds or so and start over. It will work fine for a few days and then the issue will return.

    It seems the USB driver is a bit buggy because I can leave the unit on, without running Sonar or any other audio devices / interfaces, and every few seconds I'll get a nice loud pop sound, full of reverb. For a brief period this morning the TI2 started playing back a patch on its own, though it was full of static and sounded more like a cat screaming with delaying and reverb on it. It doesn't seem to matter if I route the audio through USB or direct through its main outs.

    Does anyone else out there have similar issues?


    After reading a bit more on the forums...the "Live" button seems to do the trick though not what I'd call optimal. It'll do when I need to play a part on the other synths and will disable it when mixing down. It does seem to skew the timing on the Virus but only slightly.

    I am using the Virus TI 2 with Sonar 8.5.3 (32bit and 64bit) and am having latency issues.

    I'm running Win 7 x64
    AMD 3.4gHz quad-core (AM3)
    8GB RAM
    Delta 44 Audio (PCI)

    When I load the Virus in Sonar as a soft-synth using its USB audio, the latency on the Virus is fine but when loaded the latency on my other plugins is reduced quite a bit. My current project consists of 4 plugins (Konakt, Omisphere, Massive, Battery) and of course the Virus. My current sample buffer is 256 samples which has been perfect pre-Virus but when I load the virus, I can't seem to find that "magic" number. I've reduced the buffer as low as 64 samples but it kills my CPU utilization.

    Any advice? I followed the recommended configuration in the setup guide but that didn't help any. Again the latency in the virus is fine but I need to find a way to get the same latency out of the other soft synths when the virus is loaded.

    Thanks in advance,