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    Amazing work guys! I just gave it try and it all appears to be working pretty well, other than some timing instabilities. This is a secondary MacBook Pro M1 Pro on Monterey, with no audio interface, so it may just be this system. I still mostly use a Mojave Mac mini that is rock solid with the official plugin, and hope to move on from that someday.

    Can you please explain why the USB outputs are not in the right order? Like... USB 1/2 is really USB 3/4, etc... Once everything is labelled and setup right, it's not a big deal. Just curious.

    Thanks. I have no idea why the data stream is arranged the way it is. :/ We can not change the timing nor the usb data stream "stability" in any way.

    I find it the best to run the Virus TI with USB connection and use the audio connections too. I have 6 + 6 outputs from my TI (3 pairs to USB and 3 pairs to Apollo interface).

    Great to hear! I have it now since 2 weeks and almost everything works fine. However I did not succeed yet in one important thing: loading a new program (=sound) from the Editor/library into the Virus Polar TI2. I can only choose programs that are already stored in the RAM or ROM memories of the Virus. (That is very useful too, I must say)

    SeleN: can you upload new sounds from the editor into the virus?

    I sent an email to Mystery Islands Music with some more details about and hopefully they have a solution.

    When editor establishes connection to hardware, you can simply double click librarian items to send them to the currently selected part. Multimode is mandatory in the hardware and software will attempt to change the mode when MIDI I/O is configured.

    Yes, you can write patches to hardware from librarian menus.

    Everything works without issues when guides are followed.

    Hi fellow virus users. Does anyone have a clue how to monitor Virus TI USB data stream properly? Like proper bit data / debugger?

    I want to know the data flow going out from the virus control software to ti and vice versa.

    There are some settings in the global pages of VC which I need to implement in our editor. I am asking here since Marc has not replied to my email enquiry.

    I am running M1 MacBook Pro and Virus TI works fine, but I want to have 6 USB audio streams from my TI rather than 4.

    Any help appreciated! :*

    Yes, I tried many different versions including v2. I've never got the response from the support (once I have after a loooong time but It wasn't any good) but I was asking about a bit different things - I guess I have to try to send the new message with the log from the crash.
    First thing is when I connect access virus editor with the virus ti snow and then close the plugin gui (or open) it crashes cubase/logic pro. Always. It has to be always open. Other thing I rarely have a good synchronisation when I use arpeggios. Also 4 tracks from the synth rarely play in sync (they missing the sync during playback randomly). I use iConnectivity Mio or usb connection from virus.

    version 3.0.0 build 9001 works without issues and eliminates the bug with daw crashing.

    This is really exciting to hear, and I'm happy to pay the $50 to make it happen.

    Can someone please explain what this means... "Caveat is that USB connection with synth communication is VERY slow, especially when data is being requested from the Virus TI to the Editor." Does he mean like when you load up a project?

    Thanks. It means, when you request say bank A from Virus TI to editor, it takes forever. You can easily have a coffee, cigg (if you do) and have a dump in the loo while waiting for request to complete.

    I'm happy to answer all your questions on our website. I don't have much time to monitor this forum sadly.

    Great setup! I'm curious about your mix/mon/rec setup here. How are you mixing everything? Are those line mixers I see in the left rack bay? If so, do you multitrack record... or do any analog summing OTB? What's your audio interface and how do you have the mixers connected?

    Sorry for all the questions, its just I'm aspiring to a setup like this but haven't really found the perfect mixer/interface workflow combo yet.

    P.S. Is that a JP8080 I see peeking out between the pink chair and the laptop!? ;)

    Yes that is JP-8080. In addition to all this: Waldorf Q-rack 16voices came in + Yamaha AN200 and AN1x! This is getting bad :P
    I'm using RME RayDat and UA Apollo Firewire as my main interface. I did create a new aggregate device in mac audio settings to achieve this. So all inputs from RME and Apollo are monitored realtime in Logic. I need to take a better shot someday, that was winter so things has changed and how they are all being placed. :)

    I'll ask again, what are the capabilities of this as a preset manager and librarian? Can it edit things like categories, particularly editing of multiple patches at once? Can it split up and reorganise banks?

    You can edit single patch as much as you like. What do you mean with edit multiple patches at once? Yes, you can reorganize banks / patches. Try out the demo to see how it works out for you. There are a lot of things that are limited, but just to try it :) Read the manual of setting it up though.

    Thank you Mystery Islands for the editor and also for the reduced price
    Can't wait to see the TI functions at the editor (Complex Osc's etc)
    and also i would like to have the ability to change the colour of the GUI (I prefer the black).

    Our pleasure! Will work out something to change the GUI if it's possible :) We had one version of the black GUI but all the controls melted into the GUI so much, it was not looking good.