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    Hi All,

    Got an issue which I am hoping someone here can help with.


    • Using Virus Ti Desktop – original model/ version (bought it in 2007) connected via USB in order to run Virus Control.
    • I am working on a PC using Windows 7 on a new quad core machine with 16gb ram.
    • I recently upgraded/ installed Cubase7.5 (64bit) alongside my original Cubase5 (32bit). I am naturally looking to utilise all my new ram in a 64bit environment.
    • As I am now running C7.5 in 64bit I updated my Ti to for Windows 64 bit. And I have successfully used Jbridge to port all my favourite 32 bit plugs to c7.5.
    • I am still working in C5 finishing off some current projects before I fully migrate to C7.5 and in the interim I’m getting C7.5 up and running.

    The issue:

    • Ti is working as it should in C5 if starting a new project.
    • Ti is crashing (blue screen of death) my current C5 projects making it unusable.
    • Ti is not working properly in C7.5. It is showing up in my Instrument panel but when I load it there is no GUI for Virus control, just a little box with the x(close) and –(minimise). Sound is coming out the outputs
      so am resigned to using hardware only but this is not good for me as I am missing all my home made and downloaded banks, which is what I need.
    • So far I have tried uninstalling and re-installing/ updating the Ti but the problem persists.
    • In Cubase I have updated/ re-scanned my plug-in path/ library but this also has not helped. The GUI wont show.

    See image below for issue.

    Has anybody faced a similar situation to me? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Someone please help? I really need my Ti to be working in both platforms.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.