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    XP is what I used for SoundDiver before I got my Virus TI

    Endless rotary encoders would be a better idea, motorised encoders would probably double the bill of materials cost :P

    You mean something similar to what the APC40 uses? Motorised pots would probably increase the fragility of the virus and make it more likely to break down, also more expensive to fix a break down!

    I had an MS2000 with a similar issue, which was a bit simpler though, basically some of the keys wouldn't play notes most of the time. I got around this by taking it apart and scribbling some pencil underneath the keys, keyboards tend to use graphite to send a signal when a key is pressed, something as old as a Virus B very well might have had it's graphite warn away, like I say though scribbling some pencil fixed my problem. I discovered this through a YouTube video, I'll try to find it. It will probably be worth seeing if the notes play fine when receiving midi from an outside source first though, a sequencer or midi keyboard as flabbrebob suggested..

    I use my Virus as an audio interface while playing live with my band and so far I've had little to no issues, I perform using pre recorded audio loops with an APC40 and Ableton Live, I play the lead lines live on my Virus TI2 Polar. I had some delay issues between hitting a key and the note playing from the Virus but this seemed to have been over come by putting the Virus in "Live" mode. I started using he Virus as an interface to cut down on the amount of kit I was taking on stage.

    Ahh I like to put noise through a band pass filter sweeping down at the same rate as the pitch for a kick, gives it more punch for me. so one difference for a snare then is to not modulate the pitch so much and less filtering on the noise?

    Am I wrong in thinking Flabberbob that this technique is very similar if not almost the same as making a kick drum?

    Actually, the Soundblaster cards which offer 24 bit sample width and a digital output are not that bad if you are only using softsynths and mix inside the box. The only thins is that you have to make sure you are using it with ASIO, and not WDM.

    That very well may be true, I'm working off my own experience going back 10 years ago now, plus all my tutors at college hated Sound Blaster then, maybe they got better?

    How's this for an idea... How about if they loosen the 'Hardwiring' of the routing, and then any new patches that are made with this new feature will obviously have this routing in the patch information? Any old patches made before this date will be presumed to have the 'classic' routing options as they will be missing routing info? New routings may cause sound character differences with older models but we already have that issue if you're trying to load a patch using Hypersaw or Wavetables etc on an A, B or C machine yeah? Surely this will allow the opening of the sound pallet but still not forget about the users of the older systems?

    Someone please tell me if I'm missing something here, that's if my post made any sense to you at all!

    In my experience Sound Blaster are very poor sound cards for use with DAWs...

    What's your budget for a sound card or audio interface? You can get anything that will be just about good enough to make your DAW run from say 50 quid or you can pay over £1000 for something fancy with dancing flashy lights etc...

    This is by design... not a problem..
    The increase in gain caused by FX and the ability to produce 16 parts means that each part should not be too loud..otherwise there would be severe distortion in the TI output...this is called gain staging. Simply reduce the relative gain of all other tracks in the daw to mix and then turn up the output gain in your DAW for volume..
    when you are using the TI as a VST you are using the USB audio, hence the volume control will nopt work..that is the volume control for main outs.. not usb outs.

    Not to forget that the majority of this problem is the fact that most virtual instruments are actually TOO loud, they should be turned down..