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    For me the best integration would be to have a TI VSTi that connects automatically to the TI for editing, but the sound should be generated by the plug-in. We could use as many instances as needed while still having a hardware synth for live stuff, and all these integration problems would be gone.

    IMO the TI is a pretty nice controller, the keys are not noisy like almost all my other synths. It could be enhanced to make it a better controller to work with other vsti but it's already pretty good the way it is now. Except a remote 25 compact, that's the only gear I use with my computer setup, all other gear being in their own room.

    It didn't last long using the TI as a soundcard. After 2 days I went back to my RME hdsp.
    Main problems was that it doesn't support hibernating, the latency is still too high and once in a while the VC was lost.

    Remind me to stick a candle or something in that usb connector on my TI.

    Given the limitations I use mainly my TI2 polar as a midi controller, not a cheap one, but it does the job :whistling:

    Cubase shows IN 3.9/ OUT 8.277 msec latency when using 128 samples buffer, is this correct ?

    With these settings it works kind of ok, setting channel 1-13 to out1 for live use (without the live button and/or green button) + channel 14-16 to usb1-3 for track playback.

    It can be ok when not using any hardware synth. But using the VC with higher buffer settings or another asio card is really bad regarding latency, even when using direct out.

    It would be also more interesting to be able to use multiple VC, would prefer to use instrument tracks in Cubase.

    @ the OP +1 for a MIDI only vsti librarian, at least until this stuff is working the way it should (from a musician's point of view)

    The patch volume knob (shift+attack) is probably the knob I use the most. Too bad I need to hold down the shift button :(

    Is there a way to invert the two or use some other knob ?

    I can'tuse an external midi controller as I need it to change the volume of the active part (seq mode). Or is there some CC that will control the active part (not channel specific)?

    I also tried with a boss fv-500L pedal but my TI2polar makes only very small volume changes. Is there a way to calibrate the CTRLpedal on the TI2 ?

    In Live you can adjust the delay for track playback and for the midi clock.

    Btw, what's not in sync, normal track playback or the tempo when using an arp ?

    Make sure to send midi clock to the TI if you are not using the VC.

    You can't really use the VC with analogs out. Even if you compensate with midi delay the clock won't be in sync.
    An option is to set the VC in live mode, but even then it's not in sync.

    Why access can't make the VC work in sync and correct compensation with the analogs out is a mistery for me.

    Just in case, when using the VC, it's not the host that is sending the clock to the TI, but the VC itself. Getting an Innerlock system would be a total waste if you plan to use the VC in your host.
    I removed the VC from my setup, using only a standard MIDI cable from/to a good midi interface and the whole thing is tight. I can start an arp, come back an hour later and it's still in sync.
    In Live you can also set a delay for the clock , and this for each port.

    I installed it and am running a Max Patch with the vst~ object and some other stuff that allows me to run the editor on the computer and route external MIDI (from a Machinedrum in my case) into my Snow

    Do you mean using both MIDI ports (usb+midi) ?? Or do you still have to route the midi from your MD to the VC ?

    I use my TI polar with standard MIDI I/O (not USB) and analogs outs using the SEQ mode (prefer SEQ over MULTI).

    1) I use only 2 parts, set part 1 to OUT1 L+R and the second to OUT2 L+R.
    Now for no reason, after turning on the TI, the second part outputs to OUT1 L+R, though the display shows OUT2 L+R.

    2) The second problem is probably related, as the second part will play an init patch, though it shows the last patch that was selected for that part.
    Doing a quick prog change +1/-1 brings things back to normal for the patch, though not for the outputs.

    This doesn't happen everytime, but very often, pretty annoying :(

    And while I'm here, is there a way to have MIDI on LOCAL OFF by default when I turn on the machine using the standard midi ports ?

    Obviously, when VC is running, the CME ceases to operate the Virus - SO;

    That's the problem, this works with the radias and some other synth, but not the TI, and IMO that sucks.

    Also be aware that, when the VC is running, it's the VC that sends the clock.

    To be able to have the VC running from a netbook while the main computer runs the daw, I would have to connect the USB port to the net book, then the MIDI routing would be:

    TI Polar -> netbook
    netbook to main DAW
    Main DAW to the netbook
    netbook to the TI

    Note that the DAW would also have to send the clock to the netbook, and that the mini-host can sync with that clock.
    This would be a real nightmare to setup and the latency would be really bad.

    That's why I would like to be able to use both ports (midi+usb) one being only used for the vc, and that the vc doesn't deal with any audio or trying to send the clock (that's my job).

    I'm doing this with both the korg radias, m3. and the motif xs rack. I don't even have to start the netbook, as it's only used for editing or visual feedback.

    Btw, my midi setup is a bit complicated as I have 6 keyboards (3 of them can also be splitted), 2 midi guitars, a bunch of controllers and foot pedals/switches. Any one of my keyboards/controller can acces any synth (HW or SW), single or layered.
    Also I use at least 3 apps, bidule that handles all the midi, Cubase for linear recording and live for pattern triggering.
    All the audio is handled by an PF2626 + 2x ADA8000, so I have 25 analogs inputs (really don't need that usb crap) and actually I use only 2 channels of the TI, don't need 16.

    Anyway, I can live without the VC, though it would be nice to have it.

    But maybe you could help me with this, should I get a standard electric fretless, an e-upright or an e-cello ? ;)

    What I would like, and which I do with some of my other synth, is to send the standard midi stuff (keyboard, rec. tracks, clock,..) from my main daw using a std midi connection, and use a small netbook that is connected to the usb port. This netbook just runs the editors, for visual feedback or patch selection/edition.

    The problem with the TI is that the midi port is disabled when the usb port is connected and you have to send the midi thru the VC, nothing else works.
    I could send the midi to the other pc, make it go thru the vc, but that would add a bunch of extra latency.
    And even in live mode, using the vc directly, and using the analog outs adds latency (go figure why ).

    It's funny that I had to pay for that usb integration, that I can't use and even makes my life miserable. I mean kind of funny...

    I guess the all thing is aimed at newcomers that want an all in one solution, or even worse, to dj's :evil:

    You can do it this way, but then you need one midi track + one audio track for each part.

    In the Live browser, under instrument, you have one called External Instrument, drop it like a vsti. There you can set your midi destination and audio inputs.

    Basically for the second part, you would set MIDI to the VC , channel 2 and get the audio from the VC USB2,
    then midi channel 3 and audio from vc usb3 for the thrd part.
    This way you need just 1 track per part (midi+audio).