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    Update. I figured it out. First I removed the new USB drivers for OS5 manually. Then reinstalled 4.5.3 again, set the Virus as ASIO host, changed the buffersize to 256 (from 128 ), switched back to RME ASIO and voilá - sweet Virus sound! :)

    For me OS5 turned out to be disastrous. Midi-timing all over the place, crackling, static noice, BSODS, some presets silent etc.

    And when i try to do a rollback to 4.5.3 all I hear is static noice. The BSODS have also messed up Windows so I can't do a system restore.

    My Virus is basically bricked... With clients waiting... I know, stupid me for installing a beta, I know... :wacko:

    Has anyone been able to do a successful rollback without doing a system restore? Help highly appreciated.

    WIndows 7 64bit
    Virus TI Desktop
    RME 9632