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    I'm still getting the problem with my channels not being remembered when loading projects, eg everything is routed to USB 1+2, it's driving me nuts. Also still getting the problem where LFO to osc 1+2 link is not remembered on project recall either.

    I'm working on cubase 5 win xp if that helps.

    I'm sure I'd read in previous patch notes that these issues had been resolved?

    hello virus ti user
    i search soundbanks for my virus ti
    my favourite genre/style is trance, hardtrance and chiptune (8bit).
    where can i find it or who can send me that via email?

    Are you on TI 1 or 2?

    Either way do a search for MS in virus control, this should bring up any of the patches created by Manuel Schleis of Vengeance Audio, he's got a least a whole banks worth on the TI1 not sure about the TI2 and you can also download a bank of his for free on the access website (think it was originally done for the virus C but works fine with the TI)

    There's some great Hard Trance / Trance patches in there and if you like 'em you can buy more from the vengeance audio website.

    There's also a bank by Clubzone that you can download from the access website which also has some nice Hard Trance leads in it.

    Hope that helps!

    we cannot replicate the problem. it would be interesting to know in which version it works and in which version it doesn't. simply opening virus control in different sequencers doesn't do the trick, that's what we tried so far.

    your help is appreciated


    Hi Marc,

    Under Cubase 5.01 and TI OS Win XP home all works ok.

    After installing TI OS 3.1 was when the problems started to occur. I think it's after you turn the distortion amount all the way off then try to turn it back on again, or changing the distortion type but I can't be sure of exactly what I did for the problem to start occuring.

    I've rolled back to and everything seems ok.

    I can try and re-create it myself if you're still having trouble?

    This is for Logger, I updated to and Cubase crashed BIG Time! Completely stopped responding. Also the computer was sluggish closing down or opening up again. I felt like I was going to lose my projects. I found the installer on an external drive, after dumping the new OS, and installing the old one, all works fine, no problems.

    I am almost certain the problem is the USB drivers. But I'm not the expert.

    Access doesn't seem to be aware of this problem, so XP users may be on their own.

    I'm gonna steer clear of installing the cubase 5.1 update for now there's nothing on it that I'll really need, I've allready rolled back to on the virus as I've found quite a few problems with the VC under 3.1.

    Keep me posted though!

    Forgot to mention I'm also on Cubase 5 and the EQ had stopped working as well. If I move the knobs, save Cubase then close down and reboot Cubase the changes I've made are then applied to the sound.

    I've rolled back to the OS I had previously installed for now (3.0.15 I think)

    Has this been confirmed as an issue yet?

    I can also confirm this.

    I can load a patch with distortion on but the controls other than amount don't work and as soon as you turn the amount to 0 it stops working all together, it also appears to stop the phaser and eq section from working and I've experienced some strange goings on with the amp envelope (release knob started behaving like the decay knob?)

    I'd like a way of moving through patches in the banks in vc like a plus or minus button rather than having to double click each individual patch. Being able to do this from a keyboard would be handy too as a program change message allways jumps to the patch stored on the Hardware, but I can imagine this to be difficult / impossible to implement.

    I was under the impression it did support this due to the statement on the cubase website:

    "The revolutionary VST standard recently reached a new stage with the release of VST3, a groundbreaking new version with a host of new capabilities, including sidechaining, dynamic I/O management and enhanced CPU efficiency."

    Very misleading and dissapointing from Steinberg there, this played a big part in my decision to purchase Cubase 5 :(

    I noticed in the patch notes for the latest upgrade that the following text no longer appears next to the version number:

    "Audio side chaining is currently not supported in Steinberg Cubase.
    The VST3 version shouldn't be used in a productive environment."

    Does this now mean that audio sidechaining IS now supported and the VST3 version is considered stable enough to use?

    If so, is sidechaining only supported in the VST3 or can it be used in either versions under Cubase 5?