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    I ve been trying to get a nice warm psy bass sound but not much luck yet to my satisfaction. any one got some nice recipes ? What I m looking for is some hot mid range spectrum and not much subs. If i take the env amount high it gets kind of squeaky and clicky. I want something dark and warm at the same time. Something to match up to a saw oscillator on a Korg Mono/Poly sort of spectrum.

    Hey thanks alot bro . You re most welcome to remix it . I ll just have to discuss with my friend once with whom I made this track and I ll let you know. You can also communicate with me on my e mail which is [email protected].

    Thanks once again. Glad you like it.


    Very tidy, something i'm struggerling with. Good sounding mix down even through my laptop speakers.

    the second beat snare, clap (not thats what you've used) is what really pulls this along for me, gets right in your head, great sample.

    Thanks alot !!!!! :)

    I guess it s pretty easy to make things sound big but how to make things sound smaller and more subtle. For example if you program a pad sound using a lot of LPF , the bass can really go big and if you eq it with decreasing the low end , it starts losing it s warmth. I tried comb filtering as an option but not too sure . Any ideas ?????

    Hi I am Aman and I own a Virus Ti and Nuendo 4.I ve mostly been doing ambient music and I m new to dance music styles. I just love all music actually.Nice to meet you.

    how would you make a good snare sound using 1 or 2 sine waves and a noise ? I have a Jomox drum machine and would like to imitate that kind of sound on my Ti.

    Hello Dear Friends,

    I am new to the Virus forum. I saw the Virus in Amsterdam and fell in love with it instantly.Now I am a proud owner of a Virus Ti and I am really grateful to God for blessing me with this amazing synth. Cheers. :)

    Hello friends,

    Just discovered that if you want to strengthen up your patch , use a chorus with delay 0, feedback more than +/- 15 and mix about 50% or more. It adds some kind of a punch or warmth to the whole thing. That s something new to me. Cheers.

    well it really depends. I feel you should really decide what exactly you intend to do with both filters.Using 2 LP filters with filter balance centered will basically give you a 4 pole setting. You could also get that with just 1 filter say filter 1 in ser 2 mode. But I guess it really about using it creatively.I use both sometimes when I use envelope 1 on filter 1(SER 2) but I don t want to reduce the envelope amount but would like it not to be very obvious. So I ll use filter 2 in LP adjusting the filter balance towards the center. Also when I use filter 1 in an extreme situation like really low I get a boomy low end.Then I use filter 2 as HP or BP to clean up a little rumble. I generally prefer not to use cutoff link cause as you said , there s not much of a point in doing that. Another setting where I d use both filters in LP SER 1 is lets say filter 1 cutoff to a 3 o clock position and filter 2 9 o clock but without cutoff or filter link.Then when I adjust the filter balance , it works magic !!!!!!!