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    I've got Vitrus Ti connected through USB and Virus PowerCore. I can control all parameters of both Viruses during playback but can't understand how to write that changes into track automation. If I use record button then Locic is recording controllers' changes as midi messages. Of course, I can do it manually, but I want to make it from Ti desktop.

    I've spent a lot of time to make Ti playing in sync with Logic. The long discussion with tech support didn't help but I found out the only way to work with Ti in Logic. It plays in sync if the Ti's track is selected. It doesn't matter which driver I use: Ensemble or Ti's driver and which output: USB or 1-2 etc.. Firstly, click on midi track dedicated to your TI. Then click on button play/ That's it!

    It seems the problem is going away. I hope. I've just installed Leoopard snow and Logic 9. Some attempts of TI to lose sync were noted but it is pretty stable when sound is rooted both in USB and analog outputs. :P

    Here is the link that works in English. Some extra details to my previous post.
    The Core audio used Ensemble interface.
    === 2. There is impression that Ti plays correctly, but it is out of clock! :) === It is about track 03.
    ===3. Ti hadn't started correctly after the next crash of sync and was reloaded (turned off and on). There is click from Logic in the track It's about track 04

    BTW, do you really think the 'support' could help? Could you help me please to find out a person who is really interested in solving the such issue. I know a lot of musicians facing with this kind of problem. They have really negative opinion about Virus Control despite loving Ti.

    Hi, Marc!

    Here are six examples of how Ti loses sync.
    Their length is from 1 minute to 3 minutes. Please, listen to them carefully. The gear was:
    - Mac pro with Logic 8
    - Unitor 8 mk II midi interface (USB connected)
    - Virus TI (USB connected) as AU so that to use Virus Control. I used audio outputs of TI and AU outputs linked with Apogee Ensemble outputs.
    - Roland TD-20 (midi connected) was used in tracks 01-04
    - Roland MC808 was connected via USB in tracks 05-06
    1. The Ti plays out of clik (and clock) in tracks 01-02
    2. There is impression that Ti plays correctly, but it is out of clock! :)
    3. Ti hadn't started correctly after the next crash of sync and was reloaded (turned off and on). There is click from Logic in the track
    4. There were the same mistakes and interruptions and delays after connecting MC 808 in track 05.
    5. Somehow it began plaing in sync. After 10 minutes Ti sync crashed again.

    Hi, Marc!

    You wrote: =btw: i doubt that you need a PCIe USB card= :) Do you have any suggestions what I need? :)

    All I need is so TI must provide:
    - playing notes correctly in accordance with click, by other words, their 'starts' and 'ends' should concur with their real positions. Indeed, it is not true for TI. Notes are played off-beat very often, usually ahead of beat .
    A lot of operations are in "cycle" mode especially while making arrangements. It's very unpleasant to hear sound interruptions and playing notes and arpeggios out of beat and see red window "the sync is lost and bla-bla-bla..."

    I'll record some examples today so that to demostrate how it sounds in reality.

    My gear is:
    - Mac Pro (early2008) 8-core 18 GB
    - Unitor 8 mk II midi interface (USB connected)
    - Roland MC808 sampling groovebox (USB connected)
    - Yamaha Motif rack ES (USB connected)
    - Roland V-synth Rack (midi connected)
    - Roland TD-20 drum module (midi connected)
    - M-audio Keystation Pro 88 (midi connected)
    - Akai S5000 (midi connected)
    - and finally, Ti desktop, which regularly loses sync while being connected via USB together with other devices.
    I don't want to give up using other USB devises in favour of TI because all gear works very well without losing sync. Most of advices are related with using only 1 device via USB - the Ti. The Ti performs synchronized only being connected via midi cable (no USB), but such way of using is very annoying. None the less, I gonna test if it will be more or less stable while being connected via USB port on separate PCI-e card like Sonnet Allegro express USB 2.0. Will it be helpfull?
    Does anybony think about other ways of solving this problem?

    You're right. I tested only Ti connected via USB yesterday. The sync was pretty stable but much worse then the Ti was connected as midi device. I've got an idea to install PCI-E card with extra USB ports, for instance, Sonnet Allegro Express USB 2.0. Will it help?

    In addition, I suppose making the TI connected as the only device tj that card.

    By the way, which total integration we are talking about if I cant use my Mac with 8-core processor and 18 GB of memory with other USB devices? By my mind, the really total integrated device should not depend on the amount of devices connected via USB, should it? Other USB devices don't have loosing sync and work well now.
    My new idea: Because I don't need such "integration" I will be happy if the Ti developers give me some simple options:
    - to manage banks and patches via MAC
    - to save and manage "multi's" and their setups
    - NO ANY USB!!! ONLY MIDI!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))

    Hi! I've tried Ti with apogee ensemble via USB. It works well if your Ti is the One Device Only connected to your Mac. There were no any sound interruptions or some "dirt". There is only one serious problem with sync: Ti loses it if there're other midi devices connected via USB. It blows up my mind: Which 'total integration' do they talk about if I can't use it together with other USB devices? I've got powerfull enough Mac equipped with 8-core processor and 18 Gb of memory. So, why do I have to be depended on this constraint? Think twice before making decisionin favour of such 'virtual' integration.