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    I like it very very much.

    Can explain me which program you are using? Which bank of Virus also?

    I would like play as you....

    Very compliments.

    When I open the VST Instruments in Cubase 6 LE (F11) the Virus TI2 button is grey and cannot be selected,

    I have installed a Yamaha Motif XF with a Fireface UCX and they working fine (Windows 7 64).

    What is wrong?

    Flabberbob thank for your words, they are very appreciated.


    What it does take away is its ability to act as a destination for sidechaining.

    So is not possible to have two working usb connections from PC to Virus TI2 Kb and another sound interface (as a sound card)?


    The only limit is your computer's ability to read multiple tracks from the hard drive simultaneously.

    Is possible in Sonar 8.5 to record and play sequencer simultaneously?

    What I mean in the previous post is that I would like to insert other instruments (drums, effects, synth, etc.) in my home studio (as plugins or hardware) to work with the TI2 without reducing the overall performance. The PC is almos configurated to work properly but now when there are too many VST plugin running at the same time the Virus soud is distorted or no sound completely. So is why of thinking to an external audio interface but I'm not sure the interpretation is correct.

    Thank for support.

    I'm very noob about configuration and so I ask an help.
    I have a Virus TI2 Kb connected with a PC Windows 7 64 bit. My host is Sonar 8.5. Via MIDI I use also an old Sond Canvas and an Emu Proteus 1 XR. My questions are:
    1) if I use a Plug in (instr or effect or else) with the Virus ASIO driver the performance (or polyphony) of the TI2 is worst?
    2) If I connect every instrument to a audio interface (as MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid) what are the advantages in term of sound (and Polyphony)?
    3) What are your suggestions to better have a performance studio (home)?
    Thank you

    I have a FC3 pedal in a Virus TI2 KB but it doesn't work as hold (sustain). The Config is set as #64 Sustain but I've tried also as #66 and the same. Any solution about this?
    Thank you very much.
    OS Windows 7
    Sonar 8.5

    Sorry but installed and reinstalled everything and always "driver mismatch" with the Plug-in. Should I find a software to clean the register (with Windows 7)??. Instead if I reinstall the first version 4.02.01 it works. May be a Sonar problem with 64bit? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    PC Windows 7 with Sonar 8.5 Virus TI2 KB

    With the beta the VST Plug-in mismatch the driver. So the TI dont work anymore. Tried to retrurn to the previous version and now the same also "mismatch driver". How can I do?

    I was looking for a drum machine (and for more poliphonic sound) to combine with the Virus TI2ì. I use Cakewlak seq with OS W7 PC. I was thinking for the MC-808 by Roland but out of procuction and now I have no idea. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank a lot.

    Yes but no mention to the type of connection is required. I have also looked for a video tutorial but no one show if it is a jack or USB connection.

    I know but the question is: I have to put L+R jacks in the TI and abilitie the 3 out/1 In or else...

    Now it operates as a sound card through USB, can this be the problem?


    I'm a proudly possessor of a TI2 KB. A quick question about Atomizer. When I put this effect on I hear no more sound...

    My host is Sonar 8.5 with Windows 7 64 bit. What is wrong?

    Thank a lot.

    Ho sperimentato l'Host da te consigliato. Non è che si trova qualcosa di "meglio"? Per esempio quello visualizzato nella demo già mi sembra + evoluto. Esiste una versione anche per PC? Oppure hai altri software da suggerire (tieni presente che al momento prediligo la semplicità che alla completezza...). Grazie

    Scaricato e installato. Ora funziona benissimo. Ma non ho capito bene cosa sia questoi Host... Usando Sonar 8.5 come seq non dovrei riscontrare problemi (premetto che ho Windows 7 64 bit). Grazie per il prezioso aiuto. Immagino tu sia un BIG di queste parti. Cosa mi puoi consigliare per iniziare? Ti confido che devo prenderci la mano con tutti questi tasti. Ritirata ieri sera... Ciao