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    Hmm. I've been able to access the software from a daw now. I was hoping there might be a stand alone editor. Oh well. From what I've gleaned elsewhere I suppose I should be happy enough to access it at all, compared to the Mac guys. ....I gotta say, now that I CAN access it, I'm not too happy with the way the library management functions. I would prefer to back up then clear out the previous owners rom. Then ideally go through and cherry pick patches from one bank at a time. It's been a little enigmatic to navigate thus far. ......I might bite the bullet and purchase that Aura editor after all. I hope the library management is more straight forward there. .....In the meantime, thank you for the feedback. Cheers.

    You can do that by just going through the sounds on the top browser in Ti and dragging and dropping the sounds you like and creating a new bank on the bottom. Unless I'm misunderstanding...

    You can use up to 3 stereo outs (3 outs/1 in) via USB

    You can have 16 parts although no one here would ever recommend that.

    By the time you get to the 2nd sound you will most likely already be looking to save resources from the Ti.

    You also have the option of hooking it up analog and midi the old fashion way


    you can not use both simultaneously.

    Just understand this is rarely if ever updated and the company is no longer working on all.

    That said, I have a Ti and a C and I do not see myself ever parting with them.


    Here's your official answer: the Virus TI has balanced outputs. The type of balancing used is called impedance balancing as explained in the SOS article found by the OP.
    @EvilGuy: Ever considered that LEFT is the headphone output on the Snow whereas there's a separate one on the rest of the line. That's why you see a difference in volume.


    What do you have to do to stop the sound?

    What version of Cubase are you using on which platform?

    I don’t think your incident is the same as what the OP described. It seems to be more related to Cubase settings and VC than to the Virus misbehaving at random.

    It's a blast that lasts about a full 1-2 seconds. It happens only when attempting to save in the conditions I stated above...

    I just copied my old Gearsluts sig over to my sig ... custom rig on W/10

    I'm 100% confident it has to do w/a high CPU meter reading in Cubase.
    I literally have taught myself not to save while it's playing and I'm using the Virus ti.

    I only turn on the Virus when It's actually being used in a project and that's the only time it happens so it's definitely a Virus Ti thing. Whether it's because of Cubase or the Virus isn't really the issue. I think it's just a lack of updated drivers in a setup that has been constantly updated.

    The drivers are most likely at their low point in my setup.

    It happens when it's middle to above middle.

    Only when It's playing. It's no doubt attributed to the CPU load cause it's only when I have the sytem at it's "recommended" 512 setting AND attempt to save WHILE it's playing.

    I've learned to work around it but once in a while you forget and it's literally a full blast and it doesn't matter if your volume is set low, it will blast as loud as it possibly can. Really scares the crap out of you when you aren't ready lol

    This happens when I have Cubase playing and I attempt to save via ctrl+s.. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    No way this is healthy for any is literally a full blast 100% volume..not an ordinary click/pop...a blazzing blast.

    Happened in previous versions and still happens occasionally ..very disturbing and only a matter of time before equipment gets damaged.

    Noticed it in cubase first but recently happened within another host.

    Anytime the "Ti" is open if I select to sort via category it crashes the whole host.

    I'm going to try a few different configs and hopefully figure this out.


    OS: Win 10

    Cubase 11 & 12

    Greetings! New to the Virius.

    Recently purchased a third party bank of sounds, which I love. I would like to be able to save the entire bank into ROM V. V, W, X, Y, and Z are empty in my actual hardware unit. Is there a way to save the entire back of 128 sounds to one of those empty ROM banks?

    If it's a ti then get the ti software from the access download

    If an older unit look for the sounddiver (legacy)


    3rd party software

    I have C11 and It's still the same way although it feels better now than a few years ago on C9.

    I use the "Live" and bypass via Delay Constraint and eventually print it when I need to.

    The USB works fine (90% of the time) and there will NOT be a solution for it as the development for it has been ceased for quite a while already. I feel your pain but gonna have to work around it.

    @theRoyal1 the virus ti uses USB2 with a speed of 12mbit/s. are we really about to discuss this again? and, why we are discussing this here? the powercore has no analog outputs, so there cannot be a delay for obvious reasons. the crackling, i'm sure we JoPo can get rid off, many others have as well.

    Because the previous poster mentioned it...and the original poster is talking about Virus Ti USB. So it's all relevant. Right?
    The USB port is compatible with the USB 2.0 Specification with a Port speed of 12 mbit/sec. WHICH IS USB1.1 Speed.
    So it's USB 2.0 with USB 1.1 speed....Those are FACTs.
    If you wanna call it 2.0 because of the protocol, fine but dressing a horse cart with racing stripes doesn't qualify for Formula 1.
    So if a few of us are calling it 1.1 it's for factual reasons not because we are just making it up.

    JOPO, afa the Crackling Issue, Try setting up your Ti with higher buffer settings. I originally could set mine at 512mb safely. If I tried higher I would get a popup warning saying the Virus can't. I recently have gone full 64-bit and noticed I can get up to 1024. idk If this is because of that + Latest Virus/Soundcard drivers or just new settings in my DAW.....(MOTU 2408mk3/Cubase)
    I also use all 3 USBs as I have a preset for the Virus created in my DAW so It's always ready to go without having to set it up each time.
    ftr, I never bothered with that HC editor because many people reported problems and I wasn't about to attempt tackling one problem with another...

    The other thing is what soundcard/setup/DAW are you using?
    -In Cubase there's a setting to shift the latency. Maybe in other DAW's too, idk.
    -There is also a button on the Ti GUI that says "live" which helps in some situations.

    When you get it working, It's heavenly but getting there will take trial and error.

    That’s quite logical. PowerCore communicates over FireWire or PCI. Those are high speed buses with real time capable protocols. Virus TI uses USB (1.1), which was never intended to work for real time data transfer such as multi channel audio streaming. USB should never have been used for any pro audio gear.

    I've been telling people this for years about the Virus on the old forum. Their answer was to blame chipsets, usb cards..blah blah.

    Fact is USB 1 should have NEVER been used.

    • USB 2 was available, robust and saturated at time of the TI release.
    • USB 3 was relatively new when the TI2 was released....

    Either way they would have been MUCH more reliable and cohesive with DAWs if they had USB 2.0 and above.
    Absolute FAIL on the part of access.
    That said, I still use my TI2 and C. The sounds are amazing but the product could've had smoother integration.