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    I have found a dumb solution for using the Virus TI Snow only with the Usb Cable and Stereo Jack pair routing the output to the input, as the input still works in mac whitout any special drivers (sorry for my english, im spanish)...:!:

    1 - Download and install Demo & Drivers from and read the pdf to make the inputs work from the USB - ^^

    2 - Download and install this free editor and config the midi usb from the drivers of auraplugins - 8)

    3 - Plug the Audio Output of the Virus Synth to the Audio Input with a pair of Phono Jacks (sounds dumb, but yes, works...) :rolleyes:

    Done! You should have now a free editor for your virus and sound from your daw with only the USB Cable and a pair of PHONO Cables, as you are routing the audio output from your virus from the input! if you follow the instructions from the auraplugins editor they show you how to create an audio device to hear the sound from the input of your Virus..

    Good luck! its working for me!:)

    MANY THANKS ! :thumbup: