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    Thanks for the reply. And I really hope you're wrong... this happened for no reason whatsoever this morning. Didn't even unplug it, and it worked fine yesterday. I bought it brand new and never had any problems with the unit until now. Never even moved it from my desk. No update probs, no faulty LED's, nothing... Even bought that power socket adapter with a voltage surge protection just for my PC and the Ti to make sure nothing ever happens to them (although I've never had any power problems where I live).
    I can't believe it would just die from normal use?

    it makes it even worse when you take precautions. I don't know how long you actually own the device. You have a 24 month product warranty. If so check: C:\Program Files\Access Music\Virus TI\Documentation\Addenda and look for the warranty.pdf for more information. Unfortunately that's all i can do for you. good luck man!...

    Looks pretty bad! Seems like a serious hardware problem to me, I don't wanna take away all your hope but i would contact Access for this cause i don't think it's gonna be solved by holding the arp button or anything like that...

    a little update for you guys: we found another problem which needs to be addressed before we can release this version. i'll keep you posted.

    best, marc

    2 bad. appriciate the fact for updating though..hopefully it's fixed soon :thumbup:

    I'm sorry but i need to get this of my chest:

    we've been waiting for months now! Apperently it's very hard to fix but after these months i personally starting to get a little irritated :( . The fact nobody steps up and tells us WHEN we finally can expect something in stead of telling us people are working on it annoys me. it's a great device but I can't enjoy working with my virus like this. It's like driving a Ferrari with an fckd up engine.;(

    Sup guys,

    I posted a message on steinberg cubase regarding the GUI issue and got the following reply:
    Try disabling Desktop Composition for Cubase. What this will do is turn off Aero when you're running Cubase and automatically turn back on once you close it. I don't run my TI on Windows 7 so I'm not sure if this will actually work. It could help since it would ease pressure off the graphics card.

    1. Right-click on the Cubase icon on your desktop and choose Properties.
    2. Click on the Compatibility tab.
    3. Put a check next to "disable desktop composition".
    4. Launch Cubase.

    You'll get a message about Windows switching to a Basic theme, just close it. There's an option to "not show this message again" that you can enable if you want. But yeah, after doing this, see if you still have the GUI lag.

    After you've done this the lag is MUCH less. Still a little laggy but for me it's acceptable.
    Tnx 2 Hell Yeh :thumbup:

    hey Someone know any solution for lag in Virus control?

    not yet. It has guess it has something to do with the way windows 7 displays the VC. I tried to run cubase in compatability mode but that doesn't help. they're working on it. I know It sucks but be patient. There will be a solution ;)

    recently installed win 7 and unfortunatly i have the same problem with the slow/sluggish UI. I use my virus in all my projects but with Windows 7 it's almost impossible which results in a lot of frustration. I've added a capture from how the VC responds when the transport is running in cubase 5.1.1. I know it takes some time to figure it all out but I hope my capture will help and the problem will be fixed soon:S .


    Kind regards


    just right click on the name of the sound in VC and choose previous;) you can only do this once btw. It's just for the time that you accidently change the patch so be sure you select the right channel before changing a patch.

    Whats up man how are you? :)
    I have a video where you can see benny at work in the studio. He doesn't really use fancy shit to make his sound. He uses Oddity vst for his basslines. It's just a matter of a certain compression setting and a seperate sidechain compressor which is feeded by the signal of the kick. Each time the kick comes in the signal of the bassline is pushed out of the way. In that way you can create that pumpy sound that you here in most house, electro dance etc. tracks. I don't know which DAW you use but mostly a sidechain compressor is quite easy to set up. If you're not that experienced it's definitly worth gettin' into synthesis and compression. The bassline is just a simple sawwave though. It's one of the most easy sounds to create with your virus. Good luck :thumbup: