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    Yes I think so, I'm not sure you get what I mean about busses. You are not trying to bounce, this is recording ALL the tracks in your session onto a single stereo file typically. To record the VST you first need to set up a seperate audio track to record on. Then set the output of the VST track to say bus 1 & 2 if its stereo, Then set the input of the audio track to the same busses 1 & 2. Record enable the audio track & play the vst. The audio from the VST should now be going to the audio track which you can now record. Its been soooo long since I used Cubase that I cannot give you any detailed instructions but this is basically how its done in most DAW's & hardware mixers.

    Yep. I've done all this, but the DAW doesn't give me the option to select an output for one track as an input for another! ... to explain... I have set the output of the VST to bus 1 & 2 (actually named 'Built in Audio' on my computer) , but when I attempt to set this as the input to the Audio track, I'm not given this option - only the input that is set up in Cubases VST connections page , called 'Access Virus Stereo IN'. ?(

    Hey man. Thanks for your post! My Virus is connected via USB and am using Virus Control, yes. I'm also using it as my soundcard as I get horrible pops, clicks and timing problems when running with my 'proper' soundcard, a USB M-Audio device... there's just too much data for my PC's USB bus to handle there ( :cursing: ).

    Above, you said "..... i was told that you need to export the Midi file as a Wave file and then inport them back in..". A couple of questions on that..

    1. Who told you this? Was it Steinberg or Access? Am trying to work out which part of my setup has the limitation.
    2. Can you explain exactly how you go about exporting the Midi as a Wave file pls? I presume you're using a 3rd party piece of software?


    What exactly is playing your midi arrangement in Cubase? Whatever it is THIS is what you need to record. Midi has no sound, only data. Doh!

    Not sure you understand what I'm trying to do, and apologise if I wasn't expressing myself simply enough. It's obviously the sound of the midi track I'm trying to bounce to audio.. i.e. what's coming out of the speakers. What I want to do is record this sound into an audio track. Also known as bouncing the audio I believe.

    I have tried 2 different sound sources... Primarily, it's the Virus I want to bounce down to Audio. I've tried with another VSTi too and I have the same problem there. The audio track just records silence.

    OK, so I have a small MIDI arrangement playing in Cubase. I've routed the sound back into the Inputs at the back of my Snow. I can see a signal is being recieved as the LED changes from a continuous pulse to a more erratic light.

    I mute all other tracks, set up an Audio track in Cubase and make sure the Input is set to 'Access Virus TI stereo in' (the only option). Hit record in Cubase... nothing comes through.... Silence.

    I've tried clicking stuff for HOURS, but cant get the audio to appear. Please can someone assist?

    I made a bit of a discovery last night when attempting to fix the problems I was seeing.

    I had the Virsu demo tune playing in my DAW, and could hear an arpeg. track moving out of tune every bar or so accompanied by a crackle just before. I was switching off and on my other USB devices one at a time and by a process of elimination found my USB soundcard (M-Audio FastTrackPro) was causing the problems, as the arpeg. track soon regained sync and no crackles were heard when it was switched off. I guess this is pretty likely, as the amount of data transferred by a USB soundcard would be massive when writing digital music (compared to a mouse or kbd anyway).

    Has everyone else who has these problems tried disabling their souncard and using the built-in audio interface in the Virus instead? Worked for me. Although it's a 'workaround' rather than a pure fix, it may keep me using TotalControl for a few days longer.

    Hope this helps someone anyway.

    I bought a Dynamode USB-5PCI3PFW USB PCI card today and I can't even get Win7 to recognise it, so that's a different story!

    I've had the 'Error 10' problem with USB devices too... it turned out that my motherboard was just getting overloaded with info from other devices. Although my PC has 12 USB slots, it can't operate them all at once (and this is a £180 motherboard on an i7 SandyBridge CPU!). I unplugged a few devices and bingo, the 'error 10' device worked straight away every time. It appears I can't have a webcam & joystic plugged in at the same time as my Ti Snow and my MIDI keyboard. X(

    Yep. Crackling for me too, along with these other problems...

    1. Arpeggios coming out of sync with samples in the host, even when my Snow is in 'SEQ' mode (i.e. tempo tied to the DAW).
    2. Selecting sounds in the Total Control browser can lead to very odd patch names on the synth, e.g. Select 'C-Rave SV' in TC, the actual synth shows "@5: xG" ?(

    I'm guessing there's a problem with the data being transferred via USB altho TC doesn't say there's a problem and I cannor for the LIFE of me get it to sync correctly. I'm on the verge of giving up on total control and going back to MIDI too.
    I gave up on Access support a long time ago as they just said 'we can't reproduce your error so cannot help' for another problem I had.... looks like they've given up on this problem too! To be honest, Total Control just turns the synth into a VSTi... a very expensive VSTi at that! I'm annoyed at spending so much money on something I could download off the web for free that does much the same thing.

    Yes, its easier to program via TC, but it's nice to have that 'hands-on' approach to synth work anyway so TC won't be missed that much if it means I spend more time writing music than I do reinstalling drivers, unplugging cables and resetting the synth. :cursing:

    Hi all,

    So I've just taken delivery of my new Virus Snow, and am running it under Cubase Artist 6 on Win 7 64 bit.
    I am able to set my Input device as 'All MIDI Inputs', and choose 'Virus TI synth' as the output. This plays and records notes fine, but it doesn't appear to record any controller data when I play with the knobs?! Any idea why?
    The 2nd problem I have is when I go to open the Snow as a VSTi, the entries for 'Virus TI' and 'Virus TI Snow' are greyed out.

    A note about my setup... Although I'm running Win 7 x64, I've installed Cubase as the 32 bit version as most of my VSTi's and other Rewire apps are 32 bit. I installed the 64 bit version of the Virus software as it said this was compatible with the x64 version of Windows. Could this be a conflict? Should I install the 32 bit version of the Virus software instead?


    Hi all,

    My trusty Virus b has an illness... It won't boot up any more :thumbdown: I've attached a link to a video I took of what happens once the 'on' switch is pressed. It just seems to get stuck in a loop when starting the OS, but can sit in this loop for hours (at least, until I turn it off).

    Is there any suggestons that may help - a hard reset of the OS etc? If - fearing the worst - it's a hardware problem, where should I take it to be mended (out of warranty) - I'm in London, UK.

    Thanks all! ^^

    ( Fairly useless vid can be found at )