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    Little bugs like that are what I just ran smoother in Ableton. As far as the Utopia thing It might allow for further advancement as far as new functionality goes. I'm no programmer so obviously I can't site specific examples but you never know until you try. Their are some brilliant guys over there at Cockos and obviously "Access" is another word for brilliant so working together I just feel more could be accomplished. Sorry if I offended anyone for sharing my opinion/vision. So I guess there isn't a number of people then...

    How many people voting would make a difference? I'm not being a wise ss im just wondering how many TI users I have to get together to vote? I bet it wouldn't be too hard to gather a clan together between a few major forums who have switched to Reaper as a result of its tiny footprint,superior operation and use of computer resources, superior track channeling and routing, endless customization, constant updating, infinitesimal price tag ect ect ect I had to leave Ableton (along with countless producers) due to its endless got to the point where I couldn't function. When faced with the other options I immediately thought Cubendo or Sonar ...but I stumbled upon Reaper...I have to admit that I demod it last because I was turned off by the near freeware price..I just couldn't believe that a pro DAW could be cheaper than a plug in. Sure enough I fell in love immediately. It litererly doubled my track amount and nearly tripled my fx instance count with nothing frozen and perfect operation..SOLD. Then as I learned it I was blown away by the customized speedy workflow with endless control. As the need for switching DAWs increases with bugged alternatives driving their users to the brink of insanity Reaper will emerge. Not making this software a priority is to ignore a potentially way larger part of your target market than you may realize. I'm not trying to complain here as my TI runs great in Reaper but with the proper attention it could be utopia. Sorry about the rant there but seriously how many people?

    I am new to Reaper and I know its not officially supported by the Virus TI but It works beautifully on one channel! Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to route the 16 channels of VC into my project. Can someone please tell me how do do this routing? I am really lovin this DAW and really need to get my TI fully functional in here. It is super responsive and the daw is super smart (unfortunately I am not:) PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks in advance! :):thumbup:

    It would be cool to be able to do that without bouncing down ya but its not that big a workaround. Personally I would just like to get 64BIT OS SUPPORT!!!

    Very well explained SJR and thank you...I have to say I still find it easier to do my automation using simpler and sampler but I am gonna do my next track entirely in the virus and see if I can't get used to it:)

    The main issue I have I guess is that towards the ending stages of producing a track it's imperitive (for me at least) to render it and listen to it in the car, on my laptop and in the club to make adjustments...and as we all know you have to bounce the virus parts to audio within your daw before they can be part of the render. During these final stages I always hear little automation tweaks that need to be made (a lot of them at times) and I realize it's not that big a deal to re-render after tweaking but I guess I am a product of our generation I WANT IT NOWWW. Lets see if the sound quality can be heard by keeping the sound and all of its tweaks withing the vc. THANKS SO MUCH btw! I'll let you know how it goes - Peace n Respect - GROW

    I would really love someone make a tutorial video on creating and automating wobble bass n synth patches from scratch (HEY ZENO YOU UP FOR IT:) I usually start with a patch that has the lfo's linked properly and go from there but I really prefer to create my own patches its more fun and helps keep your sound more original. Lately I am ashamed to admit I have even been making a square/sawtooth mix wav file from the virus simply using lfo1then dragging it into simpler in Ableton then automating the sync rate, lfo amount, frequencey, cutoff etc.. from there as its so damn easy. Attach all those parameters to knobs on my apc40 and its so much fun!!!! Unfortunatly I am losing the ability to automate the Virus's fx n such and im also pretty sure my overall sound must be compromised.

    I have had my TI keyboard since shortly after they came out and I love it more and more each day (for real:) Wondering if anyone who has used the TI has sold it and switched to the TI2 for the extra 25% or processor power. Does it make a huge difference? I am just wondering.

    I think all of the knobs should be able to be used in a "simple" or "precise" mode. Precise is what we have now but maybe if you held a key while turning it would stop in even increments of five or ten% or something like that. Just a thought:)

    My artist name is GROW and I produce electro bass, dubstep, and experimental music. My label is CHP Recordings LTD. Since I bought my TI Keyboard shortly after they first came out I have slowly sold almost all of my hardware...thanks Access the TI is the gift that keeps on giving. I wish me and my girlfriends relationship would blossom so well :D

    speaking of which but I was watchin the new lfo video on the site (cant download it either) but I have to throw this out there...either i am super stupid or the audio is totally not synced up with the video...makes it pretty hard to see. Am I crazy?