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    I'm not certain the sync problems are the fault of the Virus.

    This "drunk" effect can happen whenever you are sending MIDI time clock through multiple machines.

    In the past I've used all manner of groove boxes & drum machines as the master. Whenever I've had this problem I've always found the best solution is to have everything synced to the sequencer time clock, in your case Ableton. Also try not to have too many things lined up in series as the further down the chain you get the more noticeable the effect can be.

    Isaacanthony you said yourself when you use the MPC & loop a 4/4 kick they almost stay in sync, you should be able to set things up so they stay absolutely bang on sync with each other. Try different MIDI configurations & see if that helps, is it possible to have the MPC connect to Ableton then Ableton connect to the virus?

    Hi Guys

    I've only had my Virus Desktop TI2 a couple of days & after the initial first day excitement I put my Virus to one side while I finished off another project I was working on.

    I've came back to the Virus today & the first thing I did when I turned it on was try & audition some patches using the shift & audition button.

    The first patch I tried was ROM R 124 UndawrldXM this sounded good then I moved to ROM R 126 WarMonger. When I pressed the shift & audition buttons the virus made a terrible buzzing noise which wouldn't stop, not even when I pressed the mono & sync "panic" buttons. I had to turn the Virus off & on again.

    I thought that maybe this was happening because I was running it stand alone so I fired up Logic & opened up the TI control, selected ROM R 126 & it seemed to sound like a proper patch - nothing like the horrible buzzing from before.

    Maybe it was a glitch after all, I moved onto explore other patches but thought I should run it through Logic to be safe.

    I selected the Old School patch under the Acid menu, set up a loop then sat down with the machine in front of me and started twiddling knobs. I was only about 5 minutes into this when I started to hear a random crackle every now & then, it was only a 4 bar loop & the crackle wasn't regular enough to be the result of my knob twiddling as I couldn't replicate it at will. I thought it might have been some interference from somewhere so carried on playing around with the patch.

    A few minutes later Logic crashed saying that the Virus Control centre had caused it to shut down. I sent the report to Apple but like a fool didn't think of sending it to Access, I'm worried now that there might be something wrong with my machine. I've only had it a few days & installed the latest OS from the website before doing anything else.

    Are these machines this temperamental normally or does it sound like I have a problem? :S