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    The analog outs are capable of that hi rate "as a sound card" but only run at the sample rate of the project. Plus the synthesis engine is only capable of max 44.1 or 48Khz So if the project rate is 96Khz the audio engine in the TI is running at 48Khz and being up-sampled inside the TI

    Try pulling out power from the wall. Then reboot computer also.

    This may be a fix for you or not, try it anyway.

    Very often the Virus TI will not boot from a cold power start and cause my windows to ask for another driver. I cancel the windows request at the same time turn off the 'real power' to the Virus TI, and turn back on the real power.

    You may need to uninstall the TI software and clean up a bit in the registry. Then re-install the TI software.
    This fixed a lot of things for me. I had always just updated over the top from the very first TI software and never had very good timing, then recently v 3.0.5 I think the USB signals were in front and then I did the big clean out and It all works fine.

    I have mine plugged via spdif to a nice quality DAC and into my Analog Desk. It helps because I have the Analog 1 outs dedicated to the computers Fireface 800. It's good to have choices.

    1. There is a random option in the mod matrix, together with that and key follow you could probably get pretty close to what you are after...

    2. Multi mode can support one note ranges for presets - so you can get drum patches lined up next to each other and still have enough parts left for synth in the right hand/ whatever....

    Yeah, sounds interesting but I would'nt want to waste all my mod matrix spots and my vision is a randomness per key in an octave over the entire keyboard and also to more than just 16 parameters. Sounds crazy but I just discovered SYNPLANT, any Access synth gurus should poke a stick at it see what I am on about.

    1. Slight randomness of patch parameters per key. Set as a percentage, applied to the 12 semitones or to each new note. Percentage could be automated and routed into the matrix etc. It would give all patches a lush new life. Patch creation could be sped up dramatically this way. This can be borrowed from the random routine that exists already but be in real time.

    2. And while your doing per note one patch stuff, drum mode!!